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One year ago, chat fiction apps had a similar success. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Linda Brown: Interactive Story. This is a collection of very interactive story apps, beautifully illustrated and packed with features to entertain children. Completely FREE interactive story apps for kids! Get interactive history and games for the first readers on iPad and Android.

Interactivity story games are the trend

Telling a story has been around as long as people have. Get ahead to 2018 and we' ve kept up this passion for a good story in our apps. Interactivity storytelling allows your audience to design and construct their own story and experience life or experience that is not their own.

Chats fun apps go a different way and put their user in the shoes of one person by following another's story through text messaging on their own devices. Demography of interactive storytelling tells us that a younger public deals with this playing technique. Chats are still powerful, but chat fun apps peaked about a year ago.

Interactivity story-puzzles are now at their height with new starting-gaming and beat the top chart every weeks it seems. Whilst episode and choice don't get as many updates as some newer applications, they have more live people. Three of the best apps here are Choices:

Tales you are playing, episode - Choose your story and what is your story? The three have released their own data base other than Android on the market. This episode is longest with the release of iPhone in 2013. The selection was rolled out in mid-2016 and What's Your Story was released at the end of last year.

Although What's Your Story? was released at the end of last year, it didn't begin to rank until the end of January. The episodes and choices both see a bump towards the end of December where they had story line add-ons and newsgroups. Like a new TV show or a new TV show, this pulls you back into the world.

These apps' appeal has not gone by. Creator Wooga has just said that he will again focus on story-driven casual gaming, while the new SHElf: My Shelf: Bursting into the App Store, My Choose, My Episode has just started this months for iPhone. Three of the best apps here are Hooke, Yarn and Tap.

Introduced in August 2015, Hooked is the first provider in this area. The Yarn launches its iPhone in February 2017 and its Android in April 2017. Android was released at the end of 2016 and its iPhone release became available in February 2017 at about the same timeframe as Yarn's.

Hooke is clearly the provider with the highest turnover, as it seldom renounces the number 1 book, but also gets the most loads and the highest number of current visitors. Thread almost always follows directly after hoked, and Tape almost always directly after yarns. Hooke has created the conditions for a new kind of book application and now the book is dominating this group.

The three apps often stand above big names like Amazon's Kindle and Audible.

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