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Best free interactive whiteboard resources. How can I find free interactive story resources? Contrasts interactive storybooks - Penguin Party online stories. On-line literature and learning activities. MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries interactive story books:.


Syncopée à travers la première histoire ? Shawn Brawnea>Shawn Brawne

This interactive stories blogs is a collection of interactive stories and interactive stories telling stories. Interactive stories are displayed (interactively) in color coded text so you can differentiate between the two. There are five different storyline sections, so you're sure to find something interesting. Or, perhaps you are fed up with making "wrong decisions".

" There are no false decisions in adventures - but every choice you make will totally transform the game. Explore your own personality, unravel riddles, face certain deaths, modify the history to your liking or embark on an aventure. No matter what you select, it comes in the shape of a great storyline!

17.10.15 Update: The Kickstarter was not financed, but I still intend to write this one. 1.9.15 Update: The Kickstarter-Kampagne is now online! 22.08.15 Update: I am pleased to say that this is my main topic at the moment. I go one notch beyond the words and make it an audio-visual On Tube game!

I' m about to start a kickstarter campagne. I' m also planning a PDF for kickstarter bakers and possibly a Kindle-file. Update: I am polish some of the previous stories I have written and look for logic inaccuracy. Updated 2/16/15: I have written even more in history today, as well as a "musical" style trail that was enjoyable and comical.

12-16-14 Update: I'm currently working on a non-fiction review. After that I can devote some quality to finishing this thing because I really want to see how it works and if they like it. It leads to some savage changes with a changing style. Once introduced, you have three ways to move the gender (about 40-60 different selections in total).

Cannon history is a pure quest game, but believe me, you will also want to investigate the others! There are three buddies taking a spin in Ocracoke, North Carolina, but it's not long before it becomes a treacherous game. Naturally the adventures can turn into romanticism, sci-fi, thriller, drama and much more... and that's great music!

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