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Experience the action with our interactive stories! Our online stories are a great way to practice reading and make learning exciting for the first years of primary school. You can listen to or read the interactive story book "Der Junge im Bus". On-line Interactive Coloring Pages Watch a wonderful selection of famous authors and stars who read children's books and short stories for children of all ages. Pete's PowerPoint Station is your destination for free PowerPoint presentations for children and teachers via Interactive Stories Online and much more.

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Hear or transcribe the history of Jack and the Beanstalk. It is an action-packed storyline in which kids look on and finally ask a question. This is a brief animation with repeating text and high-frequency words. This is a brillant animation with text about the Hairy Henry anniversary with monstrous figures. There are some characterizations in the history.

It is a well illustrated storyline with the text of the traditionally told storyline "The Three Little Pigs". This is an animation about Mr. Small by Roger Hargreaves. Lovely stories recited by film professionals in America. Included in the animation are The Rabbit and the Turtle, The Foolish Crow, The Lion and the Mouse and The Fox and its Shadow.

Charming and imaginative animation, thematically ordered stories.

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I' m sure you would have seen that there are few things in the room that are more compelling to kids than a tale of adventures (and preferably animals)! Beyond the literal words, I found that there are many great applications for interactive online stories - especially stories full of great personalities and sound that attract even the less avid reader.

I' d suggest using interactive online stories once a week-for you as a tutor to write a novel other than once a month, as you probably do more often. Most of the online titles can also be found later in the collection, and kids like to find them to checkout - all of them help to develop a passion for literacy from an early age. What about them?

The kids can follow the stories on their own. In the context of rotation readings, the kids can select a novel and hear it as they reread it. They also help the kids to understand the term and watch it as they overhear it. It can be used as a whole lesson - with a focus on the settings, the character and the storyline.

Kids can recount or sequencing the incidents that have taken place in the history. Several of these booklets have planned follow-up actions that fit every storyline. How can I find free interactive storyline materials? The online stories I keep returning to with my courses over the years are: It is an online audiobook that my class have all venerated (the first four sections of the reading history are free).

Players can view the storyline and get information about each of their characters. On the site there are a number of follow-up exercises on which the kids can work on their own. Instructors are able to put textbooks at the appropriate levels for their pupils to be able to read and also to be accessed at home, and online recordings and evaluations can also be made.

There' are many literature and non-fiction choices, which means there is something for everyone. You can view or print your book online to place in the reader selection or in your room's browser-box. I' ve used this for many kids aged 6 to 8 years.

Free readings are available that are great for interactive whiteboarding, and online stories come with all the necessary materials and instruction. You can also print out and use the activity in the children's book. NessyDies is a read site, especially useful for dyslexia and dyslexia sufferers.

There' is a free test version on this beautiful website that allows kids to work on their books, writings, spelling skills and types. The Nessy Fingers is a funny way to teach you how to feel the guy I've put on a few laptop computers in my group. I' m setting up a list where the kids have a certain amount of patience to work on their touching.

There' s also information about lethenia and a free online scanning utility that you can use to get more information about having problems with your family. This website contains many well-known and popular stories - played by well-known comedians. Not only are the novels recited by these characters, but the illustration is also used to engage the audience with the stories that are made.

There is a customizable, easy-to-download textbook for each of the stories to allow further discussions and related activity for your group. What is the use of interactive stories in your schoolroom? Loving to look at it. It' a characteristic shared by those who enjoy learning and learning. However, some people do not fill their houses with textbooks, or the idea that is to get to know them inquisitively and imaginatively and any other kind of trip that a history can tell.

It is our passion as teachers' duty to use all available methods to promote the child's passion for stories as early as possible. The things you and I can teach in young people about literature, literacy and the strength of a tale are very much related to how the kids deal with gripping stories.

It is something that we as a teacher can put into their life every single working days - something that is especially important for pupils who struggle with the subject of books or do not yet know the magical side of a tale. When it is shown to them through a very approachable and appealing interactive audiobook, so be it!

All they need are fun and interesting people to read the stories to and then stimulate their fantasy and create this universe in their minds. We can then supplement this commitment with group readings and other personal readings and discussion sessions to make this more concrete.

Over the years I have educated so many pupils who just needed this additional boost to make the leap from a dull readership to an enthusiastic book and the magic stories they have. In the last 14 years of educating elementary schoolchildren, I have earned more and more recognition for the powerful nature of a good tale that attracts the interest of almost every one.

Although I would certainly not be able to substitute for book literacy, I would not be without the use of interactive stories as a powerful schoolbook! What did you find interactive stories for your students' lessons?

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