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I am the new director of the Institute for Writers (and also writers themselves). A resource page for authors of children's books. Katie and Jerry Davis bought the long-standing Institute for Children's Literature and the original Reader's Digest marketing strategy was added. Literature for Children and Long Ridge Writers Group. On this page you will find links to modern British children's literature.

IKL | Institute for Children's Literature

This is a place to party for our alumni and competition winner and not only to highlight their achievements, but also to learnt from them. We have had our alumni publish numerous papers and accounts, and our competition-winning entries have won $1,000 in prize money.

Institute for Children's Literature

Long, long ago, in the early 1996, I found an ad about the Institute for Children's Literature in West Redding, Connecticut, which offers their course on child oeuvring-. After a few months I got a note in which I was congratulated on having passed the test, together with a personal comment on my note.

So I was not surprised as I thought they probably wanted to enroll as many people as possible. When we were two small children's mothers in a single household with an independent source of livelihood, we couldn't have that luxury - and I didn't have the luxury and dedicate my life to one group.

Also, I wasn't sure that I needed a tutor to improve my typing abilities, and I already had some of the textbooks. However, I kept her note and additional commentary on my typing abilities, and in the years that followed I dreamt of attending the course one year.

I was able to do research on many different types of on-line and conventional write classes for kids about a year ago and was reading some on-line review. For me, the course "Writing for Kids and Teenagers" at the Institute for Children's Literature still seemed the best. The student receives a task folder, tasks & textbooks by post, then every 6 weeks by e-mail.

Much of what a fellow scholar wrote as a paper is willing to be presented for publishing - especially after reviewing the mentor's comment. There' s a friendly comradeship with the supervisor; we don't just write to them about the work. Undergraduates will receive a free test version of the outstanding Children's Writer newsletters issued by ICL, with the latest information on the market and writings for schoolchildren.

After more than fifteen years of my own study of arts and literature, I still learn a great deal from every individual work. I appreciate more than anything else the personal and very detailled editing, commentary and proposals of my supervisor for all my texts.

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