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Read our article about potentially worthless services marketed to indie authors. Independent publishing, Indie Publishing We are in the middle of an independent revolu-tion, and there is a shift in authority in the printing world. However, this upheaval has not erupted over night; it has already been changing the face of publishers for some while. In the course of the years, when technologies were changing and enabling humans to make independent films and movies, the writers also wanted a slice of this cake, and so independent or even self-publishing was created.

Ultimately, writers were able to work with others to create, produce, publish and promote their works outside the conventional ways. Self-editing has made enormous progress since its creation, and today it is a legal, binding way to launch a work. Making an up-front purchase to get your work published gives you entry to a range of business professionals, sector links and the assurance that you don't have to do everything yourself.

Although not for everyone, independent editing can be an ideal solution for many writers who want to launch a work. Self-editing gives you the liberty to post what you want. There is no such thing as liberty to release just because you want it in the conventional publisher community, but it is the pillar of indies.

In contrast to a conventional publisher, we do not buy the copyrights to your books from you, i.e. you are the one in charge when it comes to your work. We' re committed to ensuring that your books meet industrial standard without loosing your one-of-a-kind vote. In addition, you have the liberty to do whatever you want with your books after they are out.

If, for example, you are marketing and selling your books and in return receive an offering from a conventional publishers, you have the opportunity to subscribe to them. This is your textbook, your dreams and your visions. Publishing a work and making it readable for the whole wide planet can take a long timeframe, especially if you are publishing with a conventional publishing house.

First of all, of course, there is the problem of being approved by a publishing house, which can take a month or a year or not at all. You not only keep your books in check, but the timescale is much less - usually within a few month, not years - which means you'll have your books to work with in less at all.

When you are prepared to become a publisher and see your publication in the press, we would like to ask you to start your trip today with one of our publishers to find out more about our five publisher-packs.

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