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12/Indie presses looking for entries Last week-end I began to research small publishers. I' m often joking that I am writing for a small group of about ten so I thought that maybe an indie compactor would be the way to publish my compilation of comics. First thing I realized when I was snooping around was that in June a large number of small printing machines just unsolicitedly was reading scripts and interrogation mail.

Secondly, I found that many of the printing machines I found had been released by authors who had been turned down by major publishers, and in many cases these books had received accolades and high recognition. Against this background, we can say for certain that the publishers of these printing machines are looking for great books that a large publishing house may not dare, but that have great promise and should be printed.

So here is my shortlist of 12 small printing machines that will either receive inquiry mail directly from authors or directly from them. Although this mailing is in alphabetic order, I still think this company is worthy of being the first. They publish cutting-edge avant-garde fictions.

In addition, the business was established by Elizabeth Koch, who co-founded the Literary Death Match. The Brooklyn Arts Press (BAP) is an indie newspaper in search of new lyric poem, literature or chapbookists. You can visit the writer Paige Taggart or the cooperation between the poets Martin Ott and John F. Buckley if you are interested.

is a not-for-profit indie compactor. You are publishing fiction, collection of shortsh stories and cofiction. They have released such award-winning playwrights as Ron Padgett, Anne Waldman, Stephen Dixon, Anne Waldman and Rikki Ducorne. The Dalkey Archive is specialized in publishing lesser-known, often avant-garde works. The publishing company, which was established in 1984, has been involved long enough to take up well-known notables.

They have released authors such as Carlos Fuentes, Djuna Barnes and Flann O'Brien. Dzanc not only publishes award-winning literature, but also a number of social programmes. You have a writers-in-residency programme that links publishers with primary schools children. You have a mentoring programme that provides inexpensive beginner classes.

They have a summers writers' convention in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to publishing the literature periodical Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, McSweeney's also produces a number of publications under various imprint titles. They have also featured articles by Nick Hornby, Rick Moody, Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Chabon and T.C. Boyle through their magazines and reprints.

The Feminist Press was established in 1970 and is the oldest women's publishing company in the word. In the course of the decade they have released writers like Zora Neale Hurston, Shahrnush Parsipur, Anita Hill and many more. They recently released a report from the group Pussy Riot with the title Pussy Riot! The Livingston Press, of the University of West Alabama, was established in 1984.

The non-profit media releases authors with a powerful vote. The majority of their authors come from the South, but they also have some from other parts of the United States. As a rule, they produce about ten titles a year. While this trendy new printing machine may be small, it does release some of the most advanced typefaces in both full size and chapterbook formats.

At the moment they are looking for both aspiring and experienced contributors to join their work. Created in 1992, this small machine is today an impressum of Counterpoint LLC. In the course of the years his works have been nominationed and awarded several Lambda literary prizes. Although this publishing house only began in 2010, it is already attracting attention with nicely designed works and a lean list of great contributors.

You want to keep an eye out for this media, from Elizabeth Robinson's On Gosts to Jake Bohstedt Morrill's Randy Bradley.

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