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The Bluemoose Books - independent publishing house for literary fiction based in Hebden Bridge. Her books aim to explore contemporary culture through innovative hybrid forms. A number of the book publishers in this category are independent, while others are subsidiaries of large companies, some of which are not British.

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Amphersand will be pleased to receive unasked mail. If you have already posted a work, please add a little about yourself, your reason for selecting Ampersand in the news field, and a summary of the work of about 500 words. AMPERSAD Publishing Limited, N15 05NP. If a manuscript is sent with a stamped, address stamped cover, we can ONLY send it back.

Every entry will be considered. We' ll try to answer within four week, but please note that answers may take longer during peak hours. Publishers are inundated with scripts, so most homes will be reading no more than a few pages of each, and many have shut their gates to unasked-entries.

Publishers are also in a somewhat sad state at the present stage. It is no mystery that very few homes are willing to take a different chance - although they are all looking for the next big thing at the same run and leave the writer in a curious Limbo where their writings are either too inventive or not inventive enough.

If you have written something in full length and taken the frightening extra footstep of submitting it to a publisher, you are destined to be a novelist at some stage - even if it's not right for them (or, as it is, for us). All the best and good fortune from everyone in Ampersand.

At 24 March 2018 (a Saturday) you will go to a bookstore and buy a book.

At 24 March 2018 (a Saturday) you will go to a bookstore and buy a book. Every book you'd like. It is only important that it is edited by an independant publishing house. Between 2014 and 2017, readership, publishing and bookshops were added in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and even Brazil.

Many beautiful freelance publishers create great and passionate works.

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