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Receive fees, awards and links to the best indie publisher sites. ""I've published myself, but now I want an agent. It' time for a cold, hard truth: self-published authors are still at a disadvantage in the book industry. All of them can be published as a small, independent press under their publishing house. Each month we try books from this growing corner of the publishing industry.

10 Self-Published Book Awards for independent authors (legitimation)

This is the place to be if you are looking for self-published prices for books. The following articles describe the top 10 prizes and what it will take to participate. A dozen of independent prizes are available for your self-published work. As a self-published writer, how can you know which contests it will be?

Show your textbook to the right audience? Whilst the selection for self-published prices is plentiful, their value can be difficult to assess. It is important for you and the overall popularity of your textbook that you take part in contests that bring you the greatest use. Self-released writers often find their books in an ocean of tens of thousands of others getting nowhere.

Gaining the right price for a good work can be a catalytic converter for discoveries. With this kind of discoveries a self-published writer and his work moved out of the darkness and into the limelight. Whilst all programmes for the distribution of independant author's books work somewhat differently, they all have the same goal: to help the self-published writers to get their books into the hand of more people.

There are several good things that can come of registering your self-published work in an reward programme. Find a price for a work that offers you the best opportunity: When your game wins, you will have a better opportunity to be associated with a frahling and/or editor who can help you take your game to the next stage.

If you share your work with other specialists, you can take the first steps towards broadening your reach in the reader and publisher profession. Each submitted writer will receive a judgement from one of InieReaders' reviewee. It can be used as advertising copy and is a great way to give your books a credible look on your website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and GoodReads pages.

Participation fee: Participation fees for the FIRDAs are $150 for the first and $50 for each subsequent group. Besides the IR Discovery Award, there are a number of other legitimately recognizable prizes that you can participate in as an independant or self-published writer. Several of the other recognised, genuine contests are shown below.

Compiled in memory of the famous writer Eric Hoffer, the Eric Hoffer programme distinguishes 19 different genres, among them art, poetry, literature, non-fiction, economics, children, young adults, self-help and others. Class judge can include: Publishers like: Participation is $55 per volume ($40 for chapbooks). It is possible to register your work in more than one section, but each section will require a seperate application and participation fees.

Awards included a top $2,000 plus other awards, commendations, and commendations. The IPPYs programme of the Independant Publisher Book Awards is aimed at independents, universities and self-published publications worldwidely. IPPYs are accepting entries in over 80 different fields, such as Best Regional Fiction, Best Regional Non-Fiction, Best First Book, Fine Art, Photography and many more.

IPPYs are announced as the biggest books prize contest, and prices contain golden, sterling and bronce finals. There is a $95 per class participation charge, with an extra $55 for the addition of your books to a local or e-category contest. The jury consists of specialists in the areas of layout, editorial, review, libraries and bookshops.

In the Benjamin Franklin Award Programme, contributions are accepted from all publisher types, even self-published and freelance writers. Participation is $95 for members of IPA and $225 for non-members. Any self-published writer is welcome to use the Writers Digest Self-Published Book Award Progam. Included in the category are mainstream literature, genre fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, life stories (including life stories, bios, autobiographies, familial stories and memoirs), early readers/children's books, middle grade/young adult and poetry.

Participation fee varies from $20 to $35 per deposit. Foreword INDIA aims at recognizing independant, self-published and academic writers. A jury of over 150 bookstores and bookstores working with various experts from the publishing sector to limit the scope of the contest and choose the winner. Entries for each of the books are $99 for the first and $79 for all other entries.

Next Generation Indie Books Award is the biggest non-profit award programme for independents. You are accepting contributions from independant publishing houses and contributors around the world, on condition that the work is published in German. The jury consists of a group of specialist journalists, contributors and publishing houses. Marilyn Allen, the famous Frahlingin, reviews the 70 best books.

Participation is $75 per volume for the first and $60 per volume to register the volume in each additional volume. Only books for which the writer has full rights to the cover are accepted in the Best Indiebook Award programme. It is not possible to register a self-employed or self-published work.

You can submit books in more than one class, but the registration charge is $50 per class and per work. National Indie Excellence Prizes (NIEA) are aimed at small to medium-sized independant publishing houses, academia and self-published writers. The award programme allows participation in a dozen different award winning topics, such as The participation is $75 per volume and per class.

The Axiom Books Award programme is open to both traditional and self-published writers of books. Some of the entries in the list are Axiom Award programme participation fee is as follows: Writers from all over the world can participate as long as their contributions are published in German. An important part of a marketer' s advertising schedule for an independent writer is to present your work to as many crowds as possible, and these self-published prizes will do just that.

They want these individuals to have the impact to help them connect with publishers and those in authority. Don't miss the opportunity to present your self-published work in front of thousands of industry professionals by entering your work in a contest. Regardless writers who have participated in the IDAs will tell you that it is one of the best IRDAs they have ever done.

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