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The small press is a publishing house with an annual turnover below a certain level. Like the north became a power plant of independent publishing. IPP from Trinidad & Tobago & Others. IPG is the leading industry association of independent publishers. These awards recognize the quality of independent publishing in the Midwest.

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Our aim is to promote independent publishers and acknowledge the wealth of contributions independent publishers, who have a long and respected legacy in the UK, make to the book and literary worlds. Identifying and promoting publishers that are small, new or difficult to find is a big part of what we do.

We' re happy to receive entries from big or small, old or new publishers, provided they are of the high standard our clients expect and deserve. Your textbook must meet the following requirements before you send it to our main purchasing team: You can only hand in your degree for examination once the above mentioned criterions have been fulfilled.

Please note that we can only keep ledgers that have both an International Standard Buch Number (ISBN) and a Bookland Europe Product Number (EAN) bar code. Please contact the UK International Standard Buch Numbering Agency if your publication does not yet have an ISBN. BookData provides all accounting information for our system, so you need to make sure that the information you have with Nielsen is up to date.

When you have all the above information at your fingertips, you should get in touch with Nielsen BookData to create a data file. Note that it can take up to six months for Nielsen BookData to edit new entries in its data base if you use the free listingservice.

Please consult your publishing house if you are an writer and are not sure how to do this. Please fill out our entry request for your purchase. Our main procurement department makes all first purchase decision. Please do not directly address our stores if you have not been commissioned by the main procurement group.

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