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In search of courageous new votes Professor Boulé Whytelaw's début Think Like A White Man is an eviscerated comedy of the contemporary race and will be released by Canongate in October 2018. Theodore has worked and trained as an arbitrator in London, Moscow, Paris and Hong Kong. He resigned his Hong Kong position in 2010 and travelled 10,000 leagues across Asia and Europe (through 20 countries) to Norfolk.

He' s a husband and shares his days between London and Norfolk. is his first novel. She has her début volume The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night released by Two Rods and her children's photo album Franklin's Flying Bookshop, illustration by Katie Harnett, by Thames & Hudson.

Christine is also the creator of the bestselling booklet Weird Things Customer Say in Bookshops and The Bookshop Book. The Hungry Ghost Festival is a volume of poems by The Rialto and was awarded the Eric Gregory Award in 2016. Speaking about literature at, she is currently a Somerset Maugham Award Honour.

Miso Tasty eventually started in 2014, after three years of research, and Bonnie's first cookery book was released in the pavilion in 2016. She and her sibling Jeremy have often written and played on BBC Radio 4's Inkredible Women, and her column has been featured in the Guardian, Independent and many other series. A native of East London, she studied English at St. Hugh's College, Oxford, and was the first woman to become Chairwoman of the Oxford Revue.

She was nominated for the National Books of the Year award for her first novel, CURIUS. Their second, Imossible Things Before Breakfast, will be released in May 2018 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. Aleksi Gilly was borne in New York City and has resided in Canada, California, London and Paris. Devil's Harbor, his first novel, is released in North America by Tor/Forge.

In 2007 he won the world's biggest award for a solo narrative (the BBC National Shorts Story Award) and was nominated for the Everyman Bollinger Wodehouse Award in 2008. In 2010," his book of poems was out. Throughout 2011 he penned the end of Time Magazine's computer games of the year, Minecraft, and released his third novel, Jude in London.

Jim Field has written his children's book with rabbits and bears in 20 different journals. You have been nominated for both the Sainsbury's and the Irish Book of the Year Award. Picador will publish his new novel Connect in May 2018. He has just released his mindfulness cards at Chronicle School.

He established a gym retail store in 2007 with seven locations in London and franchise offices abroad before exiting in 2013. Recently he opened a new workout program at the Corinthia Hotel in London, the David Higgins'Dynamix' method. He will publish his first volume on his practice method at Headline in early 2019.

He is the writer of After the Fire (Usborne), which won the YA Book Prize and was nominated for the Carnegie Medal, and the bestseller section 19 (HarperCollins). He' s in East London. In his report, he described the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York and the September 11, 2001 attack in London, and discussed a number of conflict in the Near East and its consequences, such as the Arab Spring, the case of Gaddafi and the rising of the Islamic state.

He won the One World Media Award in 2003 for a serial on terrorism in Algeria. Writer of two biographies of the disputed London Major Ken Livingstone. Oneworld publishes his latest volume entitled, Oneworld. Passionate about illustrating foods, he began working on the Great Britain Bake Off in 2010 without realizing that it and its artwork would be seen and beloved by billions of people.

Hodder will publish his first volume, The Great Britains Bake Off Colouring Buch, in September 2016. The Wisden Books of the Year 2015. Your first volume, "will be released by HarperCollins in 2019. Anonymous McGowan has authored two literary thrillers,"(turned into a celebrated movie in 2014),"(if young Nicholson Baker had chosen to be Charles Pooter.

She will publish her best-possible you in July 2018 in the UK with Orion Spring. Nike Shukla is the writer of the Coconut Unlimited (Quartet) novel, short-listed for the Costa First Novel Award, Meatspace (Friday Project), the first man to launch a rack of mutton into outer-space, an achievement seen more than 250,000 on YouTube, and most recently The One Who Prote Destiny, released by Atlantic Books in April 2018.

Riot, his first YA novel run, will be released by Hachette Children's Belgium in June 2018. It is also the publisher of the celebrated anthology of colored essay on racial and immigrant, The Good Immigrant (Unbound), which was Radio 4 Book of the Week and for which it was nominated for the Liberty Human Rights Arts Award, one of the 100 Global Thinkers of Foreign Policy Magazine in 2016 and which won the Book Are My Bags Readers Choice Award.

He was co-founder of The Good Journal and The Good Literary Agency with Julia. Living in Walthamstow, East London, with his mate and an older kitty named Söze. The Esquimaux, his first novel, is appearing at Silvertail. Some of the team's ensuing reincarnations took place before they were resurrected in 2012 by Frahlingen Charlie Campbell and writer Nicholas Hogg.

They' ve starred in three international sides, Japan, Iceland and the Vatican, they won the first and lost against the Puffins and St. Peter's CC. is released by Bloomsbury and has been nominated for the MCC Cricket Society Book of the Year Award.

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