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Children's independent publishers

Independent publishers for the author of children's books The last few years have shaped the rapidly growing and quite succesful independent publishers' markets. For various reason, many of them have proved to be an inestimable sales channel for authors. Not only do they offer the yet unreleased reader an opportunity to enter the editorial community, but they can also offer a more personal encounter for the reader, who may be able to take a hands-on approach with the help of trustworthy pros.

I have a few favourites in the children's books business, although they are by no means the only independent/small publishers who do an unbelievable job. What are they? Small and independent publishers are often open to entries from the general audience, which is also good for authors who have not yet found a representative for their work.

However, many of these publishers are beginning to experience the pressures of succes and have started to restrict or completely close the possibilities for submitting entries. These files should be handled with the same attention and diligence as you would send a request to an agen. At the same time, I recently came across an independent editor who asked authors to send them a $250 paper without promises of a ROI.

Just as I would discourage payment in full to an agency, I would also issue a warning against payment to someone you know little or nothing about, in return for what could basically be your script in the "round file". Similar to agencies, small media and independent publishers, not all are the same, but just the right thing to find could lead your letter to a very lucky future in printing.

Just under two week ago I was able to make a trade with Tilbury House for my customer Joanna Rowland for her début pictorial ALWAYS AND FOR ALWAYS. The independent publishing house began its operations with a series of titles showing the town of Maine, but quickly expanded to include a range of beautiful titles for kids and the grown-up.

Her main emphasis in children's literature is on culture variety, the development of personality and the research of the environment in which we are living. Bearing this special feature in mind, the publication of Joanna's novel (which is about kids who grow up in two lovingly owned houses because of divorce) with Tilbury House made perfect sense and I couldn't be happier for her.

Did any of you submit with good fortune or good results to a small newspaper or independent publishing house?

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