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The WALKER BOOKS is the world's leading independent children's book publisher. Album Children's Literature It is not a full featured publishers with all the features you would have expected from one. However, unlike conventional publishers, we do not believe that only we know best. We will do our best to give you acces to the editing tool and platform you want, and if you ask, we will give you some of the advices we have gained from our many years of publishers' work.

When there is something we have not discussed on this page, it is either on the "Why Albury" page or on our Author Centre only page. We' re making ledgers! We work not only with new writers and graphic designers, but also with those who have already become entrenched and have regained full artistic and artistic management of their work with us.

For more information on how we post and how you can make your dream of posting come true, see How we work. We work with our writers and graphic designers to create the book they have in mind, not the book we have in mind for them.

As we are committed to the concept that each of our writers and graphic designers should be able to produce the book they want, we call ourselves a "collaborative publisher". But we also know that the concept of publication can be a little discouraging. That' s why we work with our writers to offer them a supporting ecosystem in which they can use the tools and resources we offer as they wish.

It is guaranteed that our writers have the last word on what their book will look and touch like, right down to the typeface and typography - even if we don't let our writers choose! From editorial, illustration and design to artwork management, from ISBNs and registrations to revolutionary high value print-on-demand or short-run or co-editions or co-editions or promotional or award and more!

After all, every book we release is offered for purchase in our on-line shop, which provides our writers with a simple and immediate sales portal. - Or do you just need someone to release your book? - Do you want to advertise your own book or do you need help?

By working with us, you can take advantage of the full spectrum of our full service offerings. Her book will be treated in the same way as a conventional one. Furthermore, the possibilities for producing are almost limitless - from the basic ABC book to the sparkling, sparkling, hinged book!

One of the most appealing things about us is the way we give you complete book management. So you can be sure that your book reflects the idea you have, not your publisher's ingenuity.

Our collaboration approach to editing allows us to work in unison with our writers and offer them full service to all of our clients, both traditionally and professionally: As well as these benefits, you have the benefit of being offered for retail in our on-line bookstore so that your book is always available.

You can also create links to our store from your own website or your own blogs and sell your book easily and without complications. In the not too remote past, the publisher's community was a completely different place. After a few desperate anticipatory phases, the promising writer received his "standard refusal letter" from one, two and three, then four, five and ultimately six publishers.

Perhaps I'm just not destined to be a publicist. Except..... things have not always been the same and the old way of publication is no longer the only way for future writers. Now at the beginning of a new age, writers, graphic designers and those with inspirational inspiration have another way. For more information, click Finish me!

Not everything that gets in our way. When we release your book, it nestles against our other beautiful books, all of which are chosen solely for their own merit. A few have been released before, elsewhere. When you think you have a book that no one else has shown the right interest in.

When you have a book that has to pine on another publisher's unpopular shelving. When you know that with the right help you could do a much better work with your book than others..... then speak to us. Welcome to the Albury Book Authoring Centre! We have also added some useful hypertext resources to help those who would like to post without a conventional publishing house.

Here you can find out about the latest book announcements we have recently released, forthcoming publications and the current status of our writers - as well as information on authoring activities such as book presentations and signatures. Better Business Bureau keeps an eyeball on the publication of fraud.

Writers Beware, a site of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, is probably the most comprehensive source for writers interested in the differences between the different kinds of non-traditional publishers. There is also inestimable information about the publication of fraudsters. This is Michael N. Marcus' sharp and fun crusade of blogs for real self-publishing, where he realizes that self-publishing with the help of a'publisher' is a paradox.

Become a Real Self-Publisher: All our writers and illustrations keep all copyrights to the contents of their book. All of our writers reserve all copyrights to the contents of their book and can track all of your due and payable advertising and merchandise agreements. POD is a high-quality printing solution that enables small publishers and single writers and graphic designers to produce small quantities or even single copies of them.

As a rule, the circulation is a min. of 50-500 pieces, depending on the book specification. These options allow higher specification prints and production and are ideal for color photo albums or for those who have more sophisticated items in their albums, such as pop-up pages. Large -volume production generally covers editions of more than 1,000 titles.

Seldom used for small publishers and single writers and graphic designers, unless they already have a large, reliable audience. What is an ISSBN? ISBNs, or International Standard Book Numbers, are unique 13-digit numbers associated with a bar code used to uniquely identifiy each book. ? Do I have to have an ESBN?

It may happen that an unneeded book is not needed, e.g. if the book is for personal use, although you can still buy it later. It is, however, necessary to have an ESBN for your book if you are planning to resell it in bookstores and through on-line merchants. ? Where can I get an ESBN?

Will my book be available on the web? The ISBN number of your book is uniquely identifiable and appears in both web browsing and branch system environments. However, if you need more, we can put you in contact with experts in searchengine optimization (SEO) whose task it is to make sure that your textbooks are always at the top of the web forums.

We' re publishing some of the most popular, best-looking and award-winning titles you can find, and we provide a forum for writers and graphic designers to join us.

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