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Commonwealth of independent local bookstores. The Indie Next authors talk about their books. We' re keeping all the new books.


Can you tell me what Independent Bookstore is? The Independent Bookstore is a one night nationwide celebration that is held at independent bookshops across the nation on the last Saturday in April. Each business is different and independent, and each celebration is different. However, in additon to writers, living musicals, cupcake, scavenger hunt, children's entertainment, artistic table, reading, barbecues, competitions and other funny things, there are also books and literature that you can only get on this particular outing.

So why do we celebrate independent bookshops? Independent bookshops are not just shops, they are communal centres and anchor points run by enthusiastic people. Bookshops are no extinct afterthought in a universe of web sites and page-less electronic data download. Bookshops: Find out how you can take part!

There are 16 book recommendations from bookstores across the nation.

Not sure which books to look for next year? If you need a good reference, bookshops are one of the best places to go! We have compiled some of the best books recommended by independent bookshops in 2018, ranging from psychothrillers to gripping historic novels. Whatever kind of books you like the most, this catalogue has something for everyone, completed with the publishers' description below.

Ariel Lawhon reveals in an exciting new historic masterpiece the unusual turns in Anna Anderson's 50-year struggle for recognition as Anastasia Romanov. Anastasia Romanov, the Bolshevik clandestine policeman Anastasia, together with the whole emperor's dynasty, is ordered directly by Vladimir Lenin to a humid cellar in Siberia, where they face a ruthless execution detail.

She is trembling and senselessly drawn out of a channel in Berlin, a young lady with an eerie similarity to Anastasia Romanov. As she speaks, this timid, secretive lady claimed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia. Their slanderers, who are persuaded that the young lady is only after the enormous Romanov wealth, are insisting on naming her by another name: Anna Anderson.

Rumours are circulating in Europe that the youngest Romanov subsidiary escaped the carnage, arousing old foes and new wars. Who is Anna Anderson and what actually happens to Anastasia Romanov create a fifty year tale that reaches across three different soils. It is an exciting and significant as well as shocking and distorted tale.

Although she is violently independent, Celestial finds herself robbed and moored and takes solace in Andre, her boyfriend from early years, and witnesses at her marriage. While Roy's jail hours pass, she is not able to keep on with the kind of charity that was her centre. It is a deeply sensitive look into the heart and mind of three individuals who are simultaneously tied and divided by powers beyond their grasp.

Losing another position, he makes an impetuous decision: he will move his wife and daughter to Alaska, where they will be living on America's last peril. They find a violently independent fellowship of powerful men and even more powerful females in a savage, isolated state.

A bold, gorgeous, nocturnal tale of lost and loved, the struggle for life and the savagery that live in man and the outdoors. Gillian Flynn and Tana French's reader will find one of the most awaited debut of the century, released in 36 different tongues around the globe and already in the making as a great Fox film: a curvaceous, forceful Hitchcock thriller about an agorophobic lady who thinks she's seen a felony in a neighbouring town.

The Russells then move into the building across the street: a parent, a parent, their youthful sibling. The Woman in the Window is an intelligent, refined novel of mental tension, reminiscent of the best of Hitchcock. The Guest Room, the New York Times bestseller writer, tells an impressive tale of how a lifetime can be changed in one night:

Fear of calling the cops - she is a lonely lady in a room far away from home - Cassie begins to tell lies. In the midst of the gripping worlds of those whose life unfolds at an altitude of forty thousand metres, The Flight Attendant reveals a gripping tale of remembrance, the dizzying joys of drink and the disastrous effects of drug abuse and homicide.

The New York Times best-selling writer and neuro scientist of Still Alice has come up with a vigorous research of regrets, forgive, liberty and what it means to be out there. and his whole right wrist is crippled. Losing his hands is like dying, losing real romance, divorcing - his separation.

Paralysed by pretexts and anxiety, in an unfulfilled career as a pianist, Karina is frightened of the way she left as a young lady and accuses Richard and her unsuccessful maritalisation for all. With poignancy and power, every played touch is a masterly study of salvation and what it means to find tranquility in the forgive.

So what's a girl for? It is a history of stress, transformations and hopes in turbulent, even alarming periods. In order to bring her mom back, Alice must first dare into the hazel forest, then into the real m where her grandmother's stories began - and where she could find out how her own history went so bad.

High Tide Club is Mary Kay Andrews at her Queen of the Beach Less ons, an irresistible and funny story about romanticism that is crisscrossed, boyfriendships renew, equity created and real loves found. Always intrepid and independent, Lucy is helping Alice get out of her apartment and exploring the land. New York Times best-selling writer visits the figures from her favorite stories Lovely Walked In and Belong to Me in this gripping, wonderfully composed play featuring Jojo Moyes, Elin Hilderbrand and Nancy Thayer's relatives, friends, mysteries, sacrifices, bravery and ardor.

Clare Hobbes met an older lady called Edith Herron on the weekends of her marriage. In the course of a one-on-one interview, Edith Clare gives the nerve to do what she should have done a few month ago: to stop her betrothal with her lovely - but exaggeratedly possessionist - fiance. Clare finds out three weeeks later that Edith has passed away - and has given her another present.

Embedded in Creppmyrte and Hortensie and on the swampy side of a cove in a small coastal city in Delaware, Blue Sky is now part of Clare. Although the former guesthouse has been empty for years, Clare is deeply attached to Edith within its wall, which is adorned with old photos of Edith and her dear Joseph.

As she explores the building, Clare finds two enigmatic books concealed under the drain. Edith, it seems, was no common lady - and Blue Sky was no common place. Together with her mum Viviana, her replacement mum Cornelia Brown and her former best and best friends Dev Tremain, Clare begins to assemble the Blue Sky Houses film. A secret that has lasted for years and is more complicated and intricate than she could have known.

Withdrawing the shifts of Edith's biography, Clare finds a tale of sinister mysteries, impassioned charity, heartstricken victim and unbelievable bravery. I' ll Be Your Blue Sky is the Marisa de los Santos is an emotional novel that explores the depths of the soul and sheds light on the gentle bonds that unite our being.

There' are three things you should know about me: 1. I'm in a coma. 2. My man doesn't like me anymore. 3. Sometimes I tell lies. After all, the work is a portrayal of a lady who realizes that accomplices have implications. The focus is on a young Nigeria girl, Ada, who by her birth "with one leg on the other side" is developing her own self.

" Disturbing, heartbreaking, deep and mighty, freshwater is a incantation of a seldom way to experience the outside universe, one that sheds light on how we all build our identity.

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