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It lives and thrives thanks to these independent London publishers. Would you like to support an indie publisher? Receive free books, merchandise and more when you sign up to become an official Fahrenheit supporter. The publication of books under the TRC Imprint is one of our long-term goals, as is the development of TRC web products and services. The AUK is the world's leading independent eBook and physical book publisher and distributor in the UK.

Poor independent publishing houses are reporting buoyant revenues | Literature

According to new studies, independent publishing houses have triggered a revenue growth. The latest numbers from Inpress, which works with 60 of the smallest actors in the book trade, show an increase in revenue of 79% last year - an achievement that Inpress CEO Sophie O'Neill describes asomenal. The Arts Council England financed portfolios in a struggling literature readership driven by literature grew by almost £100,000 this year to £277,930.

O'Neill says smaller printing machines have been successful outside London, entering outside the black centre and attracting writers from different background. "She said it shows that geographical issues are now of no relevance in publishing. Peepal Tree Press, a member of the Northern Fiction Alliance that specializes in caribean literary work, plant director Hannah Bannister said the Independent reacted to readers' demands.

"We' re providing something the reader wants, not just another novel with a corpse in it." she said. This year, Leeds-based Independent celebrated discerning and commercial triumphs with Jacob Ross' The Bone Reader, who won the first Jhalak-Award. This was because Independents picked up the work of incumbent writers who were abandoned after discouraging sell-offs by big companies, or because they wanted to work in a different kind of music.

Nominated for the 2010 Orange Award, Monique Roffey relocated to Manchester for her latest novel on the subject, after a major publishing house withdrew. The progress of the independent artists may not be very great, but they are well comparable to those that offer bigger companies for literature without apparent upside.

In some cases they can be higher - and other stories now offers at least £2,500 for each new book. Roffey added that independent printing machines can also take a longer-term look at a writer's life instead of letting them fall at the first snuffle of fail. On 22 November 2017 this paper was modified to delete any proposal that Seren Books be financed by the Arts Council England.

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