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An independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction. For an interactive map of UK-based small presses, click here. The kiosk concentrates on self-published zines and artist books by young creatives. As the book became a hit, Indie was the publisher born. The Comma Press (UK) online fiction, non-fiction, poetry, anthologies, translations.

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Browse through to see the small printing machines, look at their textbooks and buy directly from them. In case you run a small media company that is not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to do so. To view an online demo of the UK-based small size printing machines, click here. This card was instigated by Salt Press and is now being updated together with small balers.

When you run a small media that is not on the card, please include it! The Eibonvale Presse - specialized in the space between the different styles - fear, realism, speculative fantasy, etc. Splices - small media that publishes brief literature, on-line reviews of new publications from the small printing machines & seasonal printing ethology.

Mslexia Indie press guide, here.

Valley Press - Independent Publishing

Valley Press was founded in 2008 and is a flourishing, independent publisher located in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. We bring the globe to Yorkshire and Yorkshire with York, Leeds, London, Michigan and China. One way or another, make sure you subscribe to our e-mail newsletters for an immediate rebate on all VP publications and excluding authoring options.

VOICE of the independent publishing industry

Originally founded in the 1920', Faber & Faber is known for the release of T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and James Joyce. The 1929 catalog contained a series of âbiographies, memoir, literature, poetry, politics and religion essay, arts and architectural monographies, children's literature and a groundbreaking ecological index that was years ahead of its age.

â At the same epoch, Faber & Faber began to publish Eliot's literature reviewer, The Criterion. We are proud to be one of the last major independent publishers in London. â The bookstore contains no less than twelve Nobel Prize laureates and six Booker Prize laureates, a flourishing front page and a steadily expanding e-book directory.

â Faber Academy, Faber & Faber expands into the online business with applications and offers its own classrooms through a highly imaginative typing academy to develop its next innovations in the publishers' work. The Canongate company, set up in 1973, experienced a strong downturn in 1994, but recuperated after the purchase of the home by Jamie Byng and the restoration of the company's autonomy.

As they fulfil their missions to develop and release new talents from around the globe, while maintaining the core of the Scottish canon, the company becomes ever strong. â CamonGate develops an internationally minded approach and promotes and publicizes demanding, high-profile work from as wide a range of perspectives as possible.

â They take the overall perspective of their work and carry it through their three continental agencies and are proud fathers of the Independent Alliance. During 2011, the company created Canongate. tv, a compilation of movies, previews, book trails, and more. Icon Books was founded in 1992 and produces interesting and interesting non-fiction books for grown-ups.

Icon has been known for a number of illustrative, funny but smart guidelines on topics such as Freud, Postmodernism and Einstein for a while. â icon engraved a recess for himself through the show and its ensuing global appeal. However, over the last ten years, Icon's vision has developed further and now includes âmore straightforward journalsâ, which has led to many individual success.

âWe are proud to have gained a good name in the industry in recent years as a courageous, progressive, forward-looking and inventive publishing house with a flair for success in many different areas. â They are specialized in political sciences, pop philosphy and psychological sciences, sports, humor, history and above all populary theories. Short Books was founded in 2001 by former journalist Rebecca Nicolson and Aurea Carpenter as a first-class publishing house for novels and non-fiction.

Wanting to take riskier point-of-care plans from an easy chair leader to a 192-page grammar test, (learn âwhy Puristen persist that âtelevisionâ is bad while âtelephoneâ is correctâ) or a book on âthe eight-week glucose diet, âshortbooks will print the cover with non-fiction. Throughout this time, Short Boooks continued to publish a wide range of literature, children's literature and e-books.

Short-Books is one of the founding members of the Independent Alliance. And Anais Mohr est une élève de terminale du Central High Schule à Traverse City, Michigan. It is a member of Front Street Worlders, a programme in which high schools are supported by professionals in a class.

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