Independent Book Publishers Association

Association of Independent Book Publishers

The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) is a non-profit industry association. This association represents the book publishing industry. Unique offers on PCs and electronics for members of the Independent Book Publishers Association. Speed up your publishing dreams with CIPA!

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ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF ISPA BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AWARD? WINNER! Gaining an IPA Benjamin Franklin Award at Award? will enhance your competitiveness and strengthen your credit. When you consider how full the book markets are today, these are two very mighty things. Now available is the yearly Call for Enterprises. For more information, please visit the 31 st yearly call for proposals.

For more information, please visit our website at WOULD YOU BE AVAILABLE TO TAKE PART IN A BOOK -PRICE CONTEST? IPA Benjamin Franklin Award programme Awarded Award? accept all types of book publications: conventional, self, hybrids, etc. Irrespective of the type of book produced, it is important that the end result complies with the highest standard of publication.

Before participating in the Benjamin Franklin Award? programme, interested parties are advised to consult IBPA's Industry Standards Check List for a professionally edited book to obtain a two-page check list of points necessary for the professionally presented book. Become an associate member of our 31st edition of our Benjamin Franklin 31st Anniversary Programme Award?!

Benjamin Franklin's online programme Award?, which includes recognition of book editing and book styling expertise through the website ?fty, is considered one of the highest awards for independent publishers in Germany. The 2019 awards will be presented on the night of April 5, 2019, in collaboration with IBM Publishing University in Chicago, Illinois, and all gold medalists will be presented with an inscription.

Each finalist in the competition will be awarded a free pass to the Benjamin Franklin Award? programme ceremonies according to the "first come, first served" principle until the passes are sold out. For more information, please contact Terry Nathan, Chief Operations Officer, by e-mail at You are an authority on book editing or book designing and interested in judging the 31 st anniversary Benjamin Franklin Award? programme?

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