Imaginary Stories to Write

Writing imaginary stories

It'?s not for imaginary people to influence your life. If you are a writer or a reader, they certainly do. Compose stories with an imaginary background. Compose stories and plays that use the language of fairy tales and traditional stories.

To have a morality is the first step to writing a great moral story, so you are on your way to a great beginning.

What would you write the best imaginary history about the present and the past?

How do you think about the world wars, there might be one more, and the cause of the conflict is dependant on what the author wants to write. However, what I think the most interesting history is thought somehow returns the Holocaust memories (sorry for the next word).

However, don't think of the whole thing with Jews, but with something else. They are like those who have some kind of authority that other folks don't, so they are like outsiders or something else. but I think that might be a good storyline notion.

It is important whether you are interested in sci-fi or phantasy; if you want to investigate history/the past in order to better comprehend how things are happening from there, how they are happening now and how they will happen in the near or far-off.

Also, and perhaps more critically, to ensure that there is a range of results that are observed AND repeated, defined by reasonable formulas (at least in the canon/universe of history) that can be easily explain. Looking at the latter, which may well be more fanciful, the former information is neglected, but not necessarily in its totality.

There is no claim to the inner life of any kind of universe for the scientific imagination. Everything that counts is an IST concept because it does not so much come across as it sounds impossibly instead of possible, which could disparage many sublime ideas of a futurist state. Even if you at least make your environment coherent within; by that I mean really trying to restrict every deus ex machinas.

Writing an inventive play about the coming years, I would be adding cutting-edge technologies to run away from extraterrestrials, perhaps an enemy and the extermination of a large number of the people. In my opinion, writers who write about the present and the present can often be swept away by these notorious, generous concepts of progressive technologies and minds.

For example, George Orwell and H.G. Wells were totally revolutionaries in their answers to this challenge, but I think it's important to get your own part. It' s about saying to them what you really think or at least to make a targeted point, in my view subliminal or explicit.

Had I written a play about the coming years, we would be in a similar situation as we are now - desperate to rescue the planet, to heal disease, to eradicate extreme levels of deprivation and to fail in general. There would be warmongering, corrupt, revolutionary technologies emitting hazardous amounts of radiations (and then trying for 30 years to correct what we have once again done wrong).

Understanding that they could not feed on biotechnology, people went back to agriculture and lived happy until the end of their days. Now my treefriends are foreigners, my foreigners are my Facebook buddies, my kids are my philosophic teacher, my foe is my schooling.

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