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Not an aspiring writer wants to be a little writer. I' m a novelist from Philadelphia, PA. Well, what if I'm just a little writer? Not an up-and-coming writer wants to be a little writer. It was not my idea to grow up and write a book that would be sold in a modest way, silently welcomed and judged indifferent.

It was indoctrined by spending time on the couch and in my nights in the bedroom to read great authors and somehow feel in their time.

Becoming such a writer, a so-called great or important writer, that will be the vision. There was no card for me to become a great writer. I was reading the life of authors and how they came to Her Highness and they were unable to pursue them.

Yet you can't get rid of the sleep. And, however, Charles Dickens, the defining figure of an important writer, never graduated from high schools. At the end of the 1980s, the up-and-coming authors I knew completed practical training at journals. I' ve written wonderful: movie critics, books, interviews to the most important people. "If no one is offering within three years, the contestant can see this as a signal that cutting timber is what he was meant to do.

" Within 12 month I have appeared in important US journals. At the age of 29 I started to publish my first novel. "There I was, a writer, and yet I began to get the feeling that I would not be as succesful as those who had been inspiring me. It is not possible for me to indicate the fact or the reason why I am a writer under age.

What makes a program special is that it produces smaller authors. This does not mean that they do not also create great authors, but for everyone there must be many small authors. But not every one of the workshops is full of eight National Book Award laureates. However, if each of these pupils continues to write, teaches and publishes, well, there you have it, maybe eight little authors.

Other than the athletes, the astronauts, the dancers, no general directors or directors come to tell a writer that he or she is not good enough. I stayed and published constantly in high and low magazines. I won some small awards, was awarded in half a half-double of" Best American" ethnologies, found work as a TV author and will soon release my 9th album.

There' s no disgrace in being a little writer. Several of my favourite authors were regarded as little authors in their day: While a great writer can be re-evaluated in the future and his figure scaled down, for a small writer there is only an upward trend. But while I am not yet, as the Boston Red Sox put it, put by the Boston Red Sox pitchcher Frank Sullivan, "in the dawn of a moderately successful career", a small writer carries the slogan of fail.

My dream was to write fiction that would go beyond the period of darkness that might one day persuade a young man or a young woman that he or she should become a writer. As a mothervane that gave birth to a thousand spiders so that only one of them survives maternity itself, so perhaps authors survived as a spea.

All of us have the same dreams of becoming important authors. I like to think, however, that the one thousand joint dreams are necessary for one to come into being. Well, as a little writer, when boarding on any new books, there is some degree of self-deception called for. Previous results are no guaranty for further services, but at Buchverlag they are extremely dependable.

Starting a new novel, even at 51, demands that I be as serious and full of hope as I laid down the first bits of story as an eager, would-be writer at 16. I' m continuing because the nightmare never really died. I' ll see for myself that this next one will be the one that will raise me, that the reviewers will find that in a place that is important, a vote will announce me at last.

I' m being waved to become a great writer. I am proud, in a way I cannot look back on any of my earlier books: this, Truthful, anachronistic, is my least sophisticated work, my most emotional and open. I found a straightforward tale, after having been in the trade for years, of a young woman pursuing a fantasy to be among the best in the game.

Then find your luck in a smaller one.

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