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To save your file to any location on your computer, click on the "File" tab at the top left of the document and select "Save As". Now you can print it, save it as a PDF file to send as an attachment, or use it in any other way like a Publisher file. You can convert two Illustrator (Mac) files into one MS Publisher (Windows) file so that the client can update them itself. Open the files in Illustrator and save them as PDF. I' m working with a graphic artist who uses Illustrator on a Mac.

exports a document from Illustrator.....

I' m in a hurt with somepeolpe i' have helped out who is now getting a bit mean with me, they've asked me to update file to something they can use in MS Publisher so they can still work it. Usually, when you save a programme, you also have the option of importing the source format or exporting it to another kind of documents.

Try the export to MS Publisher. The export of the documents should allow us to keep the layouts and styles without converting them to ecps and then importing them via an add-on filtering. I' d like to save the booklet and all previous works of artwork in this file size.

Export Illustrator for use in Microsoft Office

Visit MORDA GOLDING for a detailed debate in this tutorial on exporting Illustrator for use in Microsoft Office, part of Illustrator CS5 Essential Training. Writer MORDI GOLDING outlines the basic ideas and technologies that guide every Illustrator work flow, whether for printing, the web or other use.

Describes in detail the basic components of vectors - path ways, lines, and fillings - and how to use each of Illustrator's painting utilities. Practice data accompanies the course. F: Despite a click on the rectangular symbol in the symbol bar, as shown in the movie, the other forms of the utility are not available in Illustrator.

When this is not the case, clear the Illustrator settings sheet. Exit Illustrator and restart the program while keeping the keys Ctrl + Alt + Shift pressed. When the Illustrator start page is displayed, let go of the buttons and the settings will be restored. F: In the movie "What are Vectors " the artist says that if he makes a 1 inches x 1 inches Photoshop with 300ppi images, there are 300 pixel in this one.

A 300ppi means that there are 300 pixel over an inches, both vertical and horizontal. This would mean that you have 90,000 pixel in a 1 in x 1 in at 300pip.

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