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London-based boutique illustration agency with a broad portfolio of artists and a long-standing reputation for excellence and quality. We are an illustration agency committed to originality, innovation and craftsmanship. illustrator, illustration agency, artist representatives and agencies Our team represents 150 of the world's most gifted graphic design professionals who can give your projects a decisive head start. Presenting entertainers, characters designer, movement graphic and videoproducers from all over the globe. The Illustration Group is an internationally operating consultancy that represents an extraordinarily wide and varied spectrum of top modernists.

SCRAPBOOK - A vivid life in Margate, Kent via Barcelona, Sunsets, Vintage Record Sleeves & Bobby the Sausage Dog.....

She has created a glittering Christmas illustration for the album''Scandinavian Christmas''. Décue Wu shows us how we can survive longer in this illustrative healthcare characteristic..... Influenced by Lisa Frank, Super Mario and My Little Pony, you know you'll have a colorful riding experience with young Aussie painter Fionna Fernandes.

Take a look through our illustrations, which are specialized in comic illustrations........ Behind the scenery with illustrated testimonials, workshop tours, life shows and our artists' own video clips. Illustration Ltd., established in 1929, is a premier illustration and entertainment company with offices in London, New York, Hamburg, Paris, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney.

Anywhere in the worid, we have an expert agency to help you find the right artists and make sure your job goes well. Hello and welcome to Illustration Ltd. On our website you can discover the works of about 200 of the best illustrators in the whole wide range. I am your contact person, I am based in Paris and have been working with Illustration Ltd. for more than 20 years in parallel to my own agency.

It is a total pleasure to have won Illustration Ltd. as an agency for one of the best and most professionally trained illustration groups in the game. There are already some great performers in India and I look forward to further develop the development of the regional staff to expand the spectrum and effect we can provide to you and the whole globe.

The Illustration Ltd. is the first port of call for tens of thousand of art managers and artists in all the major centres of creativity in the globe, not only because of the excellence of our talents, which are always evolving with fashions and technological skills, but also because of the professional approach to deliver beyond what the artistic manager wants, in a kind and open manner.

India's creativity markets are one of the most rapidly expanding, innovating and thrilling places in the word and will be internationally leading. Illustration, as a vivid creativeness tool, has always been at the top of the range of creativity instruments used by the marketers, and it is our deep expectation that our unbelievable artistic staff will be available to you on site, offering you new possibilities and possibilities to achieve the best possible results.

Both Anne and Simona are pleased to be representing Illustration Ltd. in Dubai and to present their world-class performers to their customers in Dubai and the GCC. The most vibrant and socio-political town in the area, Dubai is home to a steadily increasing number of domestic, provincial and multinational corporations in all sectors - from power, government, education, health care, finances, IT, publishers and retailing.

The first classifiers, supplied with the same level of professionality that has made Illustration Ltd. such a great name. We look forward to linking our graphic designers with demanding customers in Dubai and the GCC. There is a long history of the Middle East in the field of fine and decorative design and a fast evolving modern world.

While we are focused on assuring our clients' complete customer experience with the entire selection and collaboration processes with an Illustrator, we are also interested in discovering new creative talent here at GCC that can provide new inspirations for world missions. Whether you are a customer looking for an extraordinary illustration for your next venture, or an artiste looking for a worldwide representative for a creative studio, give us a call or send us an e-mail to talk about how we can help you.

It' an honor to represent some of the best illustrators in the whole wide globe as representatives of Illustration Ltd. in Singapore and Southeast Asia! Singapore is a metropolitan turntable that extends into the area and I look forward to combining world-class illustration talent with demanding customers for its worldwide audience.

The Illustration Ltd. is the resources of selection, which brings a new standard of craftsmanship and creativity to one of the most rapidly expanding marketplaces in the global market, delivering the same levels of professionality and always going beyond what has made the company such a great name elsewhere. Southeast Asia is also a multifaceted area permeated by a variety of cultures - from Bali's painting to Malaysian roadworks - and I'm just as thrilled to be working with the city' s talented creators to give new impetus to global projects.

I am delighted to join the Illustration Ltd. staff as their Aussie and New Zealand agent. Welcoming the chance to present the unbelievable talents we have internationally, I look forward to share our own talents with the global creativity community. We have a flourishing art eco-system that includes art galeries, architecture and architecture, movement graphic and of course some of the world's most renowned and renowned people.

I' m looking forward to continue our heritage of excellence and provide our customers in the area with our rich pool of unbelievable illustration and entertainment talents. Hello, Illustration Ltd. is looking for a bright representative to fill in for us in Tokyo and run our entire Japan operations.

He is a succesful contender with a good understanding and esteem for the market for advertisement, graphics and illustrations in Japan, a great character and an organized, sensitive and resolute character. We' re looking for someone who wants to set up his own company as an illustration Ltd. sole agency, to represent and promote the entire range of illustration in the Japan market for advertisements, editing and graphics.

You would also find and hire a group of top regional graphic artists to join the global and regional illustration team.

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