If you want to Write Book

When you want to write a book

When you don't have to be a writer to write a book, what do you have to be? Don't just make a list of good book ideas anymore. Are there any secrets that people take you seriously as a writer? It' not a secret: If you want to be seen as a professional, you have to act like a professional.

review Want to send me a letter from Brenda Ueland?

Ed: A slightly different take on this one of my favourite textbooks was released on World' s Strongest Librarian early this year. When You Want to Write: In 1938, a volume on art, independence and the spirit was released and in 1983 a second volume was edited. And, although this is over 70 years old, I would like to say in advance that it is the best brief account of the letter I have ever been to.

Indeed, I urge you to study this volume - hardly 160 pages - and not get away, a better author. We were practicing our free time in a write shop. It was Brenda Uelands novel that put my whole way of working with freelog. This is a great way to learn to write. If you like the way you write not really about it, but about discovering the reality in your own lives, then you will like it.

She' d like to show you how useful it is for authors to be inactive, to let your fantasy run wild. Reading the script, one does not have the feeling that one listens to Brenda at the YMCA in Minneapolis 50 years ago or in the town of Greenwich, where she was one of the Czech authors.

An overview of the volume can be found in some of the section headings: If You Want to World is a continuous happiness, but it is not. Authors know the difficulties of looking at a blank monitor, the terrorism that authors sometimes have. She will teach you in her textbook how to do this by showing you that it is possible to just avoid being a novelist, stop "trying" to type and just let what you have to say come out, however chaotic it may be.

Infectious is just the right term for the effect this work has on me. Can' t do it without sensing the stream of power that rises with some kind of inspirations and demands to be heeded. If you think you are a novelist or not, you should be reading it - you will be happy you did it.

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