If you want to Write Book

When you want to write a book

So if the author wanted you to get an idea out of the book, what would it be? The choice of the type of book you want to write may not be a decision you know you need to make, but it is. If you write about the characters, enter their names and how they look like. It not only delivers value for you. Be careful not to write a book that matches a series, a trend or a stock market listing if it is not something you want to write.

When you want to write about Brenda Ueland, paperback

During her lifetime Ueland produced two novels. First was " If You Want to Write ", first released in 1938. This book is about her philosophy of living and working in general. Based on the work and impact of William Blake, she proposes that authors "should try to explore your real, sincere, untheoretical self".

It summarizes her book with 12 points, which she should consider when she writes. The author Carl Sandburg named "If You Want to Write" the best book ever to have been published about it. For many years BRENDA UELAND (1891-1985) lived in New York, where she was part of the bohemia of Greenwich Village.

Yes, it made me work on the fact that typing is not a form of achievement, but a form of serenity. "I' m sorry, but maybe you should write again. There is something necessary and life-giving about'creative work' (forgive me for that). "It' is our evil 20th c. materialsism that makes us feel: What good is it to write, paint, etc. if you don't have an public or get money for it?

The Socrates and the men of the Renaissance did so much because the reward was inherent, i.e. the expansion of the souls. The Greeks and Socrates ruled that a man's world should be dedicated to the'inclination of the soul' (soul that includes intellect, fantasy, spirit, comprehension and personality), for the mind was eternal, with great likelihood.

"It is okay to work for moneys, to work for things that are fun for humans, even if they are very confined; but the fault is that the work, the exertion, the quest is not the important and suspense. You can' t try to write a cheesy, famous history without learn more about equity.

So now I have found a reason why you should work from now until your death, with true charity and fantasy and intelligence, in your writings or whatever it is you are worried about. When you do, some molehills will be released from the mounts you write.

However, if nothing at all is released and you never earn a penny, it will still be good to have worked. Extracto de Auszug aus If You Want to Write von Brenda Ueland Copyright © 1987 par la succession de Brenda Ueland. It is not permitted to reproduce or reprint any part of this extract without the written consent of the editor.

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