If you want to Write a Book

When you want to write a book

If you want to use Scrivener as quickly and easily as possible, we can help you! Does any of this sound like you? When you are ready to stop hesitating and write, I would like to be your thought partner, cheerleader and personal mentor. In a time when you couldn't forge your book into a "bestseller". Show where you want to write, who will buy it and why.

When you want to compose a textbook that counts.....

For me this means the whole wide globe - not just because it took the liberty to call, but because it says to me that Spirit keeps sending the Spirit messages of the books wherever they should go. It' like being a witness to another one. This is so important in a global environment that needs all the lighting she can get now.

That'?s what it takes to make a notebook. Reflecting the lights inside you, so you can connect with those you'll never see. That' s why I have created two new classes to help you create a important script - one that can make a big impact in the day. There are many things I like about these classes, and I think you will, too:

It contains my best suggestions for reading a text. They are the instruments and skills I am teaching in retreats and individual coachings, and now you can use them to create your messages. They' re giving you a little help while you're typing. Every modul contains a tutorial visualisation that helps you to get knowledge and instructions and to become an author.

When you have the reputation of writing a work, this is your chance to use it from beginning to end with the help of each single one. and your messages and your lights. Blessing, P.S. One of the classes is for the launch of your volume, the other for completion.

Register for both classes together and get 25% discount......plus six bonus!

When You Want To Work ("If You Want To Write")

"He is deliberately naive of reading and the novel. She is so thrilled with emotions and novelty in the letter that she disregards or rejects the part of the letter that is imitated, that draws its power from its literary traditions - the part of the letter that includes photocopying from the past or emulating what one admires.

The realities of the letter are much more complex, as it can come, good or not, from the hearts of the most sneaky imitation of centuries-old convention. "And perhaps one of the greatest satires (and unresolved secrets about her character) is that Ueland went down in the annals of the annals in Alexander Lindey's 1952 novel "Plagiarism and Originality" for a very open and appalling example of plagiarizing several passages from another's inscription.

I suggest reading'If You Want To Write' to make you think and think. The remarks in this paper are a mix of quotes from the script, para-phrases of some of Uelands own thoughts and answers (in parentheses).

59 Allow yourself to make inferior materials. 107 The detail of the letter about the wicked or miserable can be transcendental (and interesting) if the author does so with caution. 117 Do not tell lies in what you say; do not be unauthentic. Don't make plans, just type. 141 Start typing before planning. 152-55 "Conclusion - if you want to write:

Be free to type, ruthlessly, in first blueprints. Don't be scared to start writtenin' shitty tales. In order to find out what's going on in a novel, type two new ones and then go back to it. When you are never happy with what you have written, this is a good omen. Once again, I say the only unfortunates are the quick-witted who are immediately happy with their own work.

Don't be scared of yourself when you are writing. When you' re scared of being emotional, let's say, for God's sakes, be as sentient as possible or do it!

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