If I want to Write a Book

When I want to write a book

The hell with formality, but only when you've learned what it means to be formal. This was last done with The Goldfinch. The best books like If You Want to Write: If you want to become a productive writer, you'll become an insatiable reader.

When you want to compose a textbook.....

I' m a house-father with three children. Both elders are now in primary education, and the youngest go to day care three times a week. 3 children are born. There is one day dedicated to domestic work, because three children can cause a great deal of chaos, let me tell you. Lingerie alone is a piece of Sisyphus, even if it is common with my family.

So, I have two working nights a week to work. Even on these paper workdays, I spent many long hrs taking good charge of the children, because I need to get them up and prepared for the work of the night, and I need to be there when the ring. This is my most important task, and it is important enough that I want to devote all my energies and caution.

The letter comes in second place. So what does that mean for my letter? Partially because it's foolish to say that - everyone types differently, and you can make it work in an endless number of ways. In part because it is something my judgment already tells me, and I struggle against it every single of these.

"You' re wasting your chance," says my mind. No. Brains. In the meantime, two of my children want a snack and the third just took a swallow jump off the sofa. Mixing the way I write with full-time education means I have to overcome some obstruction. For example, I didn't write for two month this year.

We' d just left for a new town and the children were at home and I wanted them to enjoy our new place as much as possible to make a tough passage a little bit more easy. It is part of who I am and how I understand the day.

So, I did the work, came back into history, and now, some chapter further, I'm in loving this wonderful country, which I can go to every fortnight. I' m not as much of a character as my children. Well, I think I'd just say don't stop.

I' d also say be a man before I become a novelist. Important as novels and histories are, there are things that are more important, and it is okay to put them first. Actually, typing isn't a game. All you have to do to complete a volume is carry on.

So, shut up now, judgment. I' ve got to be writing a book.

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