If I want to Write a Book

When I want to write a book

If you say "I'm writing a book," I think (but don't say), "No, you're not. I am therefore a great supporter of the idea of writing for your own pleasure. Clues to why Google is not research. About when to rip it up and start over. Anything you do, just write!

I' d like to compose a novel or a novel, but I have no theme. Which would be a good subject?

When you are working to improve your English, you can begin to type. Exercise makes people perfect" is still an accurate citation. Practise it, typing the part develops to a greater degree when you do it. Keep a diary, record your feelings. If so, please put your idea in another almanac.

If nothing comes to your head, type everything that comes to your head without compelling yourself to think about the issue. You can open a file or just be in front when the piece of papers and then, whatever comes to your head, type it. This can be a sensation, a reminder and a wish or something just a letter, and if you do that, the concept will develop itself by free letter and then you will get a theme to post about.

Freescripting is a way to find a solution to a specific issue, type what comes to your head and then integrate yourself into a theme either auto- or covertly. When you are typing a novel or text:-Writing a novel or text as you have asked, it seems that you are looking for a theme to talk about, go into yourself, it' s intuitively, it' s about what you are feeling from within.

If you ask yourself: "What have you always wanted to say to folks, but you haven't", when the reply comes, put it down. Want to know "What is it that only you or some folks realize and how to modify it" reply it. Ask yourself and then type it, even if the responses do not come, type your own words.

An author is someone who asks the whole wide globe about their irony. Contact your emotions, your memory, your live and then type about it. To a good topic:- There are different good subjects, romanticism, politics, adventure, fantasy, but what is really important is which subject means the most to you. How I have written Ask Yourself and free schreiben, then the concept arises.

You can find the subject by penetrating your emotions and recording it. Coming into your head and whatever comes to write it down. Developp as much as you can until your brain is completely empty.

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