If I could Write a Story

But if I could write a story.

It would be the best story ever told if I could write a story. I would write about my father because he had a heart of gold. He wasn't a hero, my father. I wish I could write the story of my life. If I could choose an ending.

Lover father poem of daughter, my father

It would be the best story ever written if I could write a story. I would write about my father because he had a golden-hearted child. I would write about the classes. Teaching me right and wrong. No. I learned him to face my fears: "Take every single morning as it comes, for there are things we cannot do.

He' d say keep your goddamn mind up and wear you proudly. It would be the best story ever written if I could write a story. I would write about my father because he had a golden-hearted child.

As a memento of my father, In Remembrance Poem

It'?s a man I miss and like. Rona, I sympathize with your grief and your sorrow, because my dear son died of a renal ailment. Tell your story! that has a golden hearts. Oct. 11, 2017, one year has gone by since my fathers death.

It just doesn't really work. He was dying of renal disease. I have a sore throat and my eyes are crying. So much I like you, Pa. I' ll hold you in my hearts forever. You know, your poetry is totally astonishing, very heartwarming. I recently bereaved my sire on Saturday, June 18, 2016, and it was the most difficult thing I have ever been through.

On September 28, 2012 I died of my father's cardiac insufficiency, he was 82 years old. He' got a cardiac stimulator for a cardiac problem he'd suffered from for a while. Wish I could go to heaven to hang out with him.

A really fun man, a caring old man who was in love with all his big-hearted. May God be with you Papa and you will always be in my thoughts and hearts. until the end of the world. That'? That'?s a very nice and moving one. I' ve just dropped my papa on June 5, which happens to be my birt.

Thanks for exchanging your wonderful poetry. On June 19, 2010, I killed my father. Have a good night, Daddy. We adore you. It'?s a wonderful poet! Really put into words how we really do! It was the one I used at my father's burial in 2012, it was just great. Two years ago, I had an aneurysm and my father died.

We all miss you, and we all do. I' m trying to get in contact with Leah Hendrie, who has written this wonderful poetry........ I' d like to communicate with you, Leah! Two years ago on October 17, I died of crayfish. Thanks for composing that poetry, it means so much to me.

Irrespective of how old you lose a parental, he will take a part of your soul that you can't get back. Hopefully you won't be bothered if I use your poetry for my anniversary note. Hi, I have my father on December 08, 2010 I' ve los. I thought he was more than a father to me, he was my best mate.

He is missing me and I cry for him every single working hour, but then I am feeling really bad. Although I may miss him every single of my days, I know that one of these days I will see my father again and that's what gets me through every single one of my days, I miss you, Dad!

I' m 19 years old and it's difficult to know that my dad won't be there when he gives me away or when I have a family. But at least he was an Organ Donator and I was taught that his physical health was enough to rescue 50 because he knew that my dad, who lives his life in other human beings, and I know that he may not be with me physical, but I know that his mind is right next to me.

Misses him..... this poetry represents everything about the emotion..... loving.... Thanks for that wonderful piece. on 9/30/2012. I was so wounded in that instant and I just couldn't stop weeping. It' a really great poet. When I was 12 years old, I thought I was going to lose my father.

Had a massive heart attack a few days ago. That was one of the most difficult things...but all your tales help you not to be so alone in this period of mourning. and I' m gonna miss him so much.

On August 15, 2007 my fathers death from a myocardial infarction at the tender ages of 30. It' shit not having a daddy statue there. To never have your sire there to give you away or to be there when you awake and there when you sleep. He' ll always be with me in my mind.

a year ago today, i lose my father. 62 years old, he was dying in his drowsiness. It was only nine and a half after my grandma passed away. Besides, my toddler was only three month old when he passed away. You have an extraordinary poetry and you like the way you put my thoughts together in your poetry.

I loved my Daddy, Papa....you were my inspirations in life....until we met again..... It was last February of that year. Reading this poetry, I can tell how much I miss him. Lovin' you and missin' you, Pop! On October 19, 2012 I bereaved my husband and I miss him so much that he gave me the kisses of a lifetime when I was stillborn 48 years ago.

If I read this lovely poetry, it is so reminiscent of him, thank you to the woman who wrote such a lovely one. Four years ago I was only sixteen..... I miss him more than words can tell. It' a wonderful poem....RIP Daddy! Loving this poetry, I just dropped my father on January 8, 2013, this poet encouraged me and showed me that I am still attached to my Great Father.

Two years ago, on October 6, 2010, my dad took his own life. No. Whilst I can't get over this part of the story and almost nothing makes it better, it's tribute like these and guys like you that make me stronger. It makes me much less alone when there are those around the globe who can refer to the kind of sorrow you awaken with every mornings.

It is my father's anniversary today, and I have published this poetry on his obituaries website. and he was a great man, and this poetry did him credit. It' s his birthdays in the morning, I'm looking for a specific note or poetry on line because I'm making a tape for him, and I saw that. About my SAD - I will never remember you, I really miss you.... We miss you so much.....

That was a terrific poetry. When I was 8, I dropped my father, and those who say it gets better with age don't know what it really felt like. In 2010 my father was screened for colorectal carcinoma and passed away within 6 months of his diagnosis. I miss him every single second.

I have been told I have been depressed since then, which is not easily accessible, and it is difficult if they do not realize that they have forgotten their beloved ones.... I' d just like to say how beautiful and warm this can be. l had to lose my father three mo. and I never knew how difficult it could be to lose anyone until I would lose my father.

Eight years ago today, I killed my father. It helps many humans, we really miss you, we miss you forever..... It'?s a great poetry that made me cry. Three years ago I killed my father with cancers, today on September 30, 2009 it was the hardest days of my Iife!

This is not what you really think will ever happened and this verse is describing my fathers relationship to a S! It had a golden-hearted. He is so missing and his big bears hug xox loves the poet! On August 30, 2012, I killed my family. I' ve been very near my Dad and I just miss and I' m in awe.

It' s heartbreaking to know that I will never see my father again or can call him with good or evil tidings, as I have always done. Oh, I loved him so much! But I actually did lose my father 7 years ago to a very uncommon type of canker that occured in the rectum and spread fairly quickly despite years of pain/illness to this damned chemotherapy and radiations that did nothing in the end.

On July 1, 2012, I bereaved my father. It was heartbreaking to hear that my father was murdered. I think he was a well-known attorney and the author of a crime spree. My 4 year old boy loves him very much, when he asks for his grandfather, my eye becomes full of teardrops, which I cannot help anymore.

The way you died, father, is bravery and noteworthy of heroes in your name. A lot of the world miss you, Da, I miss you so much. and you' ll always be in my hear. Thanks Leah this is nicely spelled today is my father's ninth birthday, it's warming and reassuring and beautifully spelled. and the cause is a bad dream.....

He' s such a good instructor to me and a very affectionate dad, powerful and courageous to the end. Oh, I really adore you, Dad. Missing and always loved. I extend my sincere condolences to all those who have forgotten their fathers. I am consoled to hear your tales and know that there are others who are sharing my sorrow.

He has been suffering for 12 years after his first major strokes in 2000 and the second in 2009. I' m so fortunate to have him as a parent. I' m going to miss him so much. I do. He' always living in my hearts forever. I' m 20 years old and this is a perfect match for my dear friend like my own person, I dropped it 2 nights ago, I'm really injured, but I'm proud to think of all the good things he told me.....!!

There was too much loving from me, my mom & my sisters........... After a very long period of malaise, I finally found my father in March. So I took a year off to take care of him until he passed away at home the way he wanted. I have a lingering father, and I think it always will.

Two years ago today, I killed my dad in a renal disease. The last words we said to each other were the last I loved you. I' ll never forgotten the emotions I felt when I dropped him, he'll always be in my hear. It was a plain, friendly, fun, faithful and marvelous dad.

Thanks for the nice poetry, it's a nice way of expressing your true passion. we found out he had renal cell carcinoma five mo. Thanks for such a nice piece of poetry.......... My father died of lung fibrosis last year. He was 69.

To read some of these tales is heartrending, because although I miss and dear my father, I spent 41 years with him, some of you had a very brief while. I still tell myself my fathers not here every day, my heartbreak is broken and I still cry, but I know that because he was such a good father and I miss him so much....this verse says so much...... Thank you....

It' s a tough every single nonsense, especially Father's Sunday and his birthdays, but all the public holiday and all the public holiday are tough because he has always made my mother and we children chuckle and chuckle every single one of them with a gag or even a little smiling. DAD, I miss and breathe you!!!!!

On January 26, 2007, I dropped my father. My father was dead five month after he was crippled. He was a great man, he was cute, fun and astonishing! I' m just happy to know my daddy's looking down on me and smile! Miss you, Dad, take a break.

l dropped my father four nights ago. Part of this lyric says how I am feeling, but my mind is heartbroken. 6-month ago morning, my father died of an unforeseen major myocardial infarction. I' ve taken good charge of him and still have the feeling that maybe I've done something inappropriate.

That'?s a good book. Nearly two years ago, my father die of gastric carcinoma while being diagnosed with prostate cancers. and I' ll never ever let him go. Well, my father was killed this mornin' by an unforeseen major myocardial infarction. He is my favorite and I miss him very much!

As he went to sleep that evening, he was kissing me and my mother and saying, "I adore you," as he always did. Thanks for this poetry, because it catches so much of my father for me. You' re the one I loved, Dad! My father was gone less than 2 wards ago (15.1.12.).

And I miss him so much. Oh, I adore you, daddy. On 10/03/2011 I got colon cancers from my father, he went so fast. It' a wonderful poetry, and I think it was just for my father. Always Iove you Papa and may God give you all the power to come through the bereavement of a caring family.

When I was 9 years old, my father was dying, my father was in pains and nobody else could have felt that he had a great big grin with perfectly whitened teeths, but still a pains that nobody could cure, he had those thoughts in his mind, should I remain or should I leave.

It was a great father and I would never blame him, he just couldn't bear the grief any longer and he took it away and now he sees me every day, sending me ways where I can still sense him, talking to him and helping me through my grief on the harshest and hardest mornings.

You' re 44 and my words or my teardrops could never tell how much I miss you. R.I.P. Daddy, I miss you so much. It was a really good poet. When I was 8, I got rid of my father, and I am now 14 years old, so now that I'm thinking about it for a moment while I had him, I really taught myself a great deal and I really couldn't tell anyone else.

I' m 13 and I' ve been losing my father 4 nights ago and it really made me cry, he was only 34 and I'm looking for a poetry I can tell at his inhumation. On November 1, 2011 I killed my father with cancers. They were so near the kind of romance that most folks never find.

Loving you and missing you, Poppi. I' ve only recently dropped my father. It was this poetry and the readings of all the stories that made me realise that I am not alone. Oh, I fucking adore you, Dad! I am 13 years old and was killed in a terrible accident on the Mitchell Highway near Orange on October 6, 2009.

Reading that poetry, I cried. Well, I suppose we all have to loose someone we loved so much. I' m not losing my dad. So, I stop by on a regular basis to let him know how much I like him and how much I appreciate and appreciate him....and to embrace him! My dad passed away years ago and I was a high scholar then.

After he died, our ancestors began a new fatherless life taking good charge of us and loving us. It is not simple for me to be without a sire in this life, but I know that I still have my mother and my brothers and sisters, just as we still do here with God.

Two years ago I confiscated my father from ALS. It'?s true. I really felt doomed without him here with me. It was that poetry that made me cry. That'?s a very moving poet. September 23, 2010 is a date on which I will never ever forgotten that my father passed away with me and my mother was 74 years old at his side.

Dad was a soft and sweet big and he was the BEST PATHER you could ever ask for and I am grateful every day that God thought it right to give blessings to me (and my 5 brothers and sisters) with him as my dad and my mom with him as my spouse (for 50 years). Disappeared from our present forever in our hearts.

Pray for all who have perished their beloved, blessed are you. My father is so touched in so many ways, it brings back so many of my father's memory, it really consoles me, my father passed away on October 13, 2008 from a strokes, and I miss him every day of my lifetime, I wish in so many ways that my father could be here with me, but I know that will not be, but I also know that one day I will be meeting him in heaven and then we will be together again.

Today I laid my dad to rest. So he had a myocardial infarction and all of a sudden he was 69. And he knew how much he was beloved by everyone while we were telling each other all the while. But we are all gone now with such a great emptiness. It' a beautiful poetry and it consoles me to know that I am not alone.

That poem was completely marvelous. when I was eight years old. So he couldn't do or comprehend anything. I' m awaiting the daughters dance but I know he'll still be there!

I am 16 today and still cry myself to sleep, but it' s poetry like this that makes me happier and lets me know that everything will be all right. On September 26, 2009 I dropped my best boyfriend and my father. However, this does not stop the grief I experience every moment of every single morning, and when I look into my 5-month-old daughter's face I wish with all my soul that he was here to see her, and instead I was sure that he sent her to cure the grief we all experience as a child.

They say that the healing effect of it is not just how much I miss and like my father. It made me cry! He was only 42 years old when we dropped our father in the icy July 2006 season, and I was 12 1/2 years old and just began high school; the twin girls Lill brother and sister were only 6 1/2 years old, Mom and Dad were cute children's children's hearts souls.

As we learned, we kept everything to ourselves, those who have not yet forgotten someone so dear to them that they simply do not fully comprehend it. There is not a single passing away when we do not say the Father's name, nor will there ever be, but we are so much in loving and missing him and in hiding our sorrows and cries.

Sitting on the telephone in the hope that it was my sire who called me to wish me a Holy Mother's Eve, it was my older brother who let me know that I had to tell him my last words because he would not make it there.

That'?s a lovely poet. Exactly I people my Daddy 2 time period ago, and Father's Day is tomorrow, so this is raw case for me. It'?s a perfectly good poetry and I rescued it! Oh, I loved that poet. Not only did I lose my father, but also my mother to a drunken rider when I was 16......only a year and a half ago.

When I was only 13 (January 1, 2005), 40 years before my fourteenth year of birth, I really did lose my sire. He is missing me very much, I miss my best friend, my Santa Claus for the whole year, my heroes, my sire. Losing my ancestor through a myocardial infarction when I was 16, and it was the worst time of my whole existence, now it's been 3 years, but I still miss him a whole bunch more, every single second.... sometimes I cry, but poetry like this is just awesome and makes you great............... if anyone can please tell me such poetry.......................................................................................................................................................................................................

21/11/10, we were told that 3 wks before he had leukaemia so it was pretty fast! I' m sorry that he won't walk us down the aisle and he won't see his grandkids! We' re such a tight lineage that without him we are completely broke in our life!

and you' always gonna be my number one. It was how I felt when my father died on Monday, June 5. It' s said that my father gave me the greatest present that any person can give to another person, it is said to be true and that he teaches me how to fall in lovedness.

To read this poetry was helpful and I think it's nice that you wrote it and put a big face in my face. I really cared about that poetry. 09/8/10 & it was 3 workday before my anniversary, he was only 45 he had a large intuition ending.

I' ve dropped my other half. On March 5, 2011 I had a cerebral haemorrhage and therefore my father was born. Still don't have the feeling he's not anymore. Myself and my mother still have a sense of his present. I really like you, Papa and hat off to this poetry..... you will always remain in our heart....

A lot of loving--. It was February 28, 2011, three nights ago. I had a father who was very powerful and I still did not accept that my father would die. You' re missing, I wish you didn't have to go. That' a really beautiful poet. Well, I loved my father seven month ago.

All of a sudden, on a Sunday mornin', he was killed by a coagulum that came from his brains to his lungs and suffocated him. It was my life, and this poetry makes me think of it! l miss you, Dad! I was fourteen years old and he forgot my 14th anniversary and the date I had my cardiac operation fourteen years ago.

Lovin' you Daddy?. I was really moved by that poetry. On February 19, 2008, when he was 42, I killed my father. Someday he had a major myocardial infarction. I am happy that I found this nice poetry, because now I know what I can put on the gravestone. Hey, j'ai perdu mon père à cause d'un vous, d'un vous avez perdu mon père à cause d'un un vous, d'un un vous êtes mort cette année 2010 : je vais le lire à ses funérailles, je vais vraiment le manquer à son anniversaire à Noël : je vais sur sa tombe & je vais y mettre des fleurs pour lui : merci beaucoup pour ce beau poème.

It was a different year without him. It was so moving. His been just over eighteen consecutive time period since I people my choice Daddy to the respiratory organ person era 70. God love you all. Great poet. On 11/17/2010 I was 54 when I lose my father.

On September 1, my grandfather passed away and I still awake every single day and wish that I could listen to his vocal again. Just wish I could keep it one more place. I' m 50 years old, my old man passed away from Alzheimer's on 18 June 2010, I miss him and sometimes I wish I could just grab him again..... the last two month he didn't know who we were, but he said "your mine" and grabbed our hand.

Wise and open-minded, he liked nature. This is a wonderful poem....thank you for the exchange..... So do I. I really adore that poetry. It's perfec. and he was 53. I think we'll divide the charity our fathers gave us with everyone else.

on November 9, 2010, four dates before my fifty-seventh anniversary. It was also such a courageous, tender man and We (my mother and two sisters) miss him so much that we do not know how to deal with such a big hole in our being now.

Thanks for that wonderful piece. was an aneurism six months ago, and I'm only 12. In any case, this poetry is moving and made me cry, it really came from the soul. When I read that poetry and began to cry, I was in my desk.

We were together when he had a myocardial infarction, I hurried to the clinic, but he did not live, it only lasted 15 to 20 min and he died. I' ve given up belief in the world. Even though the shocks of loosing him have subsided, I still sense the grief of loosing him at the most unexpected time.

Hopefully..... thanks for the verse. It' s so sad, I always miss him, he was such a great father! Loving this poetry, thank you for a poetry from the bottom of my soul..... Today I forgot my father - September 30, 2010.

When I read the above e-mails, I notice that I am somewhat fortunate - so many young children have already had their fathers gone missing. You be good to the folks you loved - none of us are here forever. On March 13, 2006, I killed my father. It' a great poetry that reminded me of my father.

Its useful piece of good practice is reminiscent of "If" by Rudyard Kipling and this sweet little poet. and I' m sure I'll send it to my other sisters. Thank you for the task of this essay. R.I.P. I killed my dad on May 4, 2010, just 3 week before I gave mother of his first grandbaby.

and was followed by another one. If I read this wonderful poetry and all the commentaries from those who sense my sorrow, it will help me to be healed. on March 18, 2010, two dates after my fortieth anniversary. It feels like I fell off the face of the ground.

Thanks for a heartfelt piece of poetry. You know, I know how we all are. on March 7, 2010. It was this poetry that made me think and cry. Well, that mornin', his old man gave him a bike and everything. In 2005 my stepfather passed away from the age of 43, my stepfather was 43 years old. My stepfather passed away in 2009 from an unforeseen accident.

I' m only 27 and I' ve just missed the two men I needed the most in my whole lifetime. no difference if it's anticipated or not... you're never ready. I' m always in Love with you, daddy! when I was seven years old... but today I'm 16.

When I was nine years old, I died of leukaemia in August 2002. That'?s a great poet. I am 23 years old and on 27 March 2009 I died of crayfish. I really do cry from this poet. l always and always loved my Daddy.

On January 6, 2009 I killed my father because I had cancers. It' a wonderful poetry that says it all. It was a very touching poetry. In 2007 I killed my father in a stroke. A very nice lyric....... Losing my father 31 years ago, I was 7 month old with my little girl and I miss him so much that it hurt; I was so miserable that he never met his grandchild, but lucky that he was with her older bro for 4 years.

That'?s a nice lyric. It was this poetry that made me cry, it really moved me. On December 3, 2008 I was 12 when I was losing my father. I' ve got four more brothers and sisters who killed him, too. and it still aches. We' re all too young to loose, we' re just family.

I' m 16 years old and my father passed away from cancers. I really did cry from that poetry. My father was only 60 and he had a myocardial infarction on Christmas Day. Though I fitting people my dad day to down person he was 67,, he struggled until the end to ending with us... I content I was on my own, but datum these writing kind me realise I am not.

about a fortnight ago I dropped my father in a four-grade canker. with an open-hearted acceptance of his illness. Well, I was in a road crash on July 30 at 10:20 a.m. and killed my father. I' m looking for a poetry that I can put on the table, because no words go to my mind.

I' m feeling empty and I' m just a little bit wasted. Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to join how they felt, I wish I could bring the words together so nicely. Lots of loving all..... And I was looking for a poetry I could write my brothers and my daughters that particular date to remind them of our family.

It had a golden-hearted. Thanks for composing a nice poetry. All of a sudden my old man died last Christmas and I still miss him so bad. These will be the first few years of the father's life without him being here to party. I think your poetry is a wonderful homage to the loss of a man who was my family.

That' a very emotional poetry for me. When I was 10 and now I'm 18, I lose my father. All I want to do is thank you for having written this wonderful piece and say that I appreciate it. It was really touching to hear your poetry. Very heartfelt.

He' s by my side every single of my days. This is a great poetry........... I am looking for poetry for my mother, because she has her father almost 2 years ago and still today hurt and I want to pay him with poetrytribution. My father died of a major myocardial infarction, he was only 60 years old.

I' m looking at my daugher and I wish they'd met. My dad passed away very abruptly on Christmas 2008. I' ve been with him until the last second, it still pains me as much as I'm a big daddy's girl, I'm still so wasted without him and sometimes I don't know what to do.

{\*Hey, }This poetry is great, and it made me cry. When I was 10 on November 9, 2004 I dropped my father because of a clots I am now 14, it was sorry because I was not there and when I was done speaking to him on the telephone, he dead.

On November 9, I killed my dad. He is my watch and I will survive it with Gods prayers and loves, but I will never ever forgotten what I have sacrificed my beautiful one. He was only 63. I dropped my dad in a cardiac arrest five nights ago. I' m so wasted without him.

However, if someone can write how you are feeling without ever seeing you, it will help. I' ve just been losing our father together with my two brothers and my dear mum. It is a beautiful way to describe my father, but it affects all the rough ones. Nearly three years ago I had leukaemia and my father died.

It was just wonderful. Love that poetry. Three years ago, I killed my old man in a major myocardial infarction. It'?s a wonderful poetry. It made me cry. l was out of my papa at the end of January and l was still hurting! It was a wonderful poet, it really purchased the emotion I have for my own sire.

How the figure above my father passed away from an aneurysm, I miss him more than words can ever say, this verse is beautiful! and I was looking for a lot of poetry. Dead from an aneurysm. Whoever has written this poetry is great. This poetry is awesome and really made me cry.

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