If I could Write a Book

But if I could write a book.

" I could write a book." Liedermacher - Lorenz Hart - Composer(s) - Richard Rodgers. You ask me, I could write a book. You ask me, I could write a book. You ask me, I could write a book.

Can I write a book, Frank Sinatra Wiki?

"The album" is a track Frank Sinatra made on Columbia Records. It was sung with the Jeff Alexander Choir. Later Sinatra played a new album on Capitol Records. When they asked me, I could write a book; About the way you go and say; And look.

How we used to meet, the whole wide globe will never overlook that. And then the whole wide universe will discover how my book ends;

And I could write a book

There are some masculine singing solos in the arrangements, which can also be used as masculine unisonos. Vocally as well as instrumentally this is a very sophisticated but not as sophisticated as some of the more famous NYV-chart ( "Sing, Sin, Smack Dab in the Middle" etc.).

When you are looking for a charter for your group of vocalists with your big group, then this is the right thing for you.

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And I Could Write A Book

on the way you go and watch and whisper. thus the whole wide globe would never be forgotten. is just to say that I really like you. how to make two lover of joy. Broadway drama PAL JOEY. The Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City, opened on December 25, 1940.


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