Ideas for Writing a Children's Picture Book

Thoughts for writing a children's picture book

A few links are for children authors & some for adult authors. As Tom says: "Have a clear idea of who you write for". Spend some time developing this idea. So what makes it unique and attractive for children? You' re gonna sit down and write it down.

Picture Book Authoring Guidance Lesson 10: Some Ideas Do Not Work

Whilst some of my conceptions are sound enough to be released, I have been writing my part of horrible scripts on the way. Several of these concepts were condemned to failure right from the beginning - I just didn't know it then. I thought some while ago I would go into the fashion of vamps (I know they are particularly loved in storybooks ), so I made up a tale about a creepy young man who wants to be creepy, but all the little children just loved them now.

I didn't really transfer my storyline to a small children's crowd, and I didn't know until I worked on the storyline for a while and took it to a review group where no one got it (and then I kept trying to rework it without success).

It' okay that the notion didn't work! A lot of storybook ideeas don't work. That' s why Kidlit Mogul Tara Lazar developed the Image-Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo), where all students have one concept per person per day during the 30 trading nights in November. Cause it might take 30 brainstorms to find the one that really works.

The writer Kate Messenger spoke about how she came up with picture-book-ideeas. Almost once a year, she probably only supplies a few handfuls of scripts to her agents. Their experiences keep them from working too long on a poor plan before they waste a lot of them.

And even the greatest authors have things that just don't work. Do not give up if an concept does not fully realize the full promise you once thought it had.

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