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All about' idea books' on i-D. York based creative director Ryan Willms gives an exclusive preview of an IDEA book about Stüssy T-shirts. vinona t-shirt in medium (m) white of idea books, above st brand. The IDEA Books introduce you to some of the most popular office furniture currently available. Use these cute spiral notebooks to write your ideas!

It' s Nice That | Get to know the folks behind IDEA Books, who find the best ritual books of all time.

Home to the London supermarket of Comme Des Garcons, the Dover Street Market, their shop buys and sells some of the most infrequent and coveted books of worship in all time. Idaa Books. IDEAS are Angela, David and Sandra who are spending their whole days searching the globe (online and in reality ) for scarce, sometimes dog-eared books that hamsterers like me slobber about; be it books about the portrayal of a young Jane Birkin in France, old US high schools movies, uncommon catalogs of film shows like The Virgin Suicides or Over The Edge (two of my favorite movies) or even just pictorial magazins and domes that are a more Czech way of living.

There are many great books out there - what makes you know it's an absolute jewel? You' re mainly concentrating on old books - doesn't the new printing industry really make it for you? So far we have released a novel (fanzine) and are currently working on at least two more!

One has to be asked again and again - but how do you chase the books? It was an incredible Ibiza library - with an incredible name; Ku, I found a great Ibiza library in Amsterdam and came back to look for Ibiza articles on the web and find it, but purchased it without seeing a picture of it - when it came, it was fantastic.

What is the request for your books? Had there been a work on IDEA books, who would you like to do it?

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With the first edition selling out in recordspeed, Christopher Simmonds, Arts Directors and Francesca Burns, Super-Star Stylists, give an insight into PRINT Issue Two. The xx and Alasdair McLellan publish a nice artifact that captures the times he and The xx have been together on a journey to the Texas Marfa artists' world. They chat with i-D about the importance of non-web based work.

Edited by IDEA, Gaia Repossi and Jeremy Everett's new work Alternating Rose And Gold, obliterates the borders between artists and museums, lives and works, publicly and privately. In the latest installment of his /12 line, the Belgium based filmmaker turned his camera objective to the double i-D sleeve stard. In celebration of the cooperation between the iconic David Sims and Sofia Prantera on the Aries trademark Click to Buy, which accompanies the new line, we have invited the two good mates.

After the ICA show, Alasdair McLellan's palace archives will be transformed into a IDEA work. Behind culture 00s ?ine, Check Date, the two of them will come back to the publisher with a temporary selection of one-page books, which will be published by IDEA Books in the morning. Together with the goalkeepers of the London fashions and arts books community, IDEA Books, the popular brand Vetements will publish a work.

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