I Wrote a Children's Book

I' ve written a children's book.

Books for children are no exception. Being a children's author, it's okay to be playful. It was my idea to write a children's book about Donald Trump entitled'Donald Trump And The Wig Of Evil'. He was the first one to read it. Told me he liked it.

As I wrote a children's book: Of the idea to the implementation

Today's visitor is a 30 or less month old alumni and the writer of a lovely children's book. It is no picnic, as you can easily believe, to write a book for kids, especially for a first time. She agrees to tell us about the trial that led her from a straightforward concept she had while working in a nursery to a book she was publishing.

We all cheer her on and hope that Don't Éat Your Boogers is just the first novel in a string of popular children's read. If you are in the middle of buying for Christmas gifts, consider giving this book to a Boger aficionado.... That is the history of my entire procedure, from the initial concept to its implementation.

I' m sure some folks are wondering where I got the ideas to tell them not to feed your booger. I and my co-teacher had plenty of free play to keep up with the continuous nasal wipe. Don't have your booger. "Immediately "You're turning green" appeared in my mind and I smiled quietly.

In the next few get-togethers I got confused about the name, invented a plot and the name of my protagonist, goober McGee. On Friday night of the same weekend I went home and wrote the first design of Don't Éat Your Woogers (You'll Turn Green). I attended a free write course at Penn Foster Career School in January 2014.

The last thing I did for the course was to send in a brief history, a novel or a children's film. And so I chose to brush up Don't Éat Your Boogers and make it my last one. A book show in Usbourne at work gave me the inspiration to present it to them. During all the hurricane in which I tried to publish this tale, I have forgotten to consider an important part of the jigsaw - my true public.

Grown-ups could say what they wanted, but the children's opinions were the real test. And so I organised that one afternoons I went into the room at 5-12 years of old and reading it to them. And I was worried because I only had one history in monochrome. Let's face it, children are infamous for becoming rocking bugs during their schooldays.

And I told them that I wrote this history and that I wanted to tell them. Your thoughts and views would help me to re-write history and make it better. Many liked goober to turn verdant. Some liked the fact that he even eaten his booger.

In fact, one or two youngsters said: "I want the book. My book formatter Maureen Cutajar directed me to a great illustrated artist, Jeanine Henning. and I liked her work a lot. When Jeanine was done with the design of my book I prepared my book for pre-ordering at Smashwords about three month in advance.

Don't Éat Your Moogers (You'll Turn Green) was published on November 2, 2015 in several bookshops worldwide. I went into the school-age room again, but this one I could tell my book. I' m also handing out rubber booze for everybody. It was really nice for the children that Miss Carrie had her own book.

I am still amazed to think that if I hadn't attended this grade and hadn't gotten feedbacks from a foreigner or been reading it to the students, my book could still be in a file somewhere. I never imagined that I would compose and release a children's book.

Besides her children's book, she has released two volumes of poems, Lithium Dreams And Melancholy Sunrise and The Safety Of Objects.

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