I Wrote a Book now what

I've written a book now.

It will depend on who you are, what you do and what you have written. I' ve just read this book and I just wish I'd read it sooner. Perhaps you wrote that novel in November. When there is a list of the "Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions about writing and publishing a book", this question will be at the top of the list: You have written a book: this is a great, great achievement, published or not!

I' ve written a book.... What now?

The completion and publication of a book is a big venture and can take up to 75% of your thoughts and 75% of your lives. I felt like there was a gap where the whole process had been heading towards the book that had now been made. When I was young, I realized a need to have a "project", something I could concentrate on.

Moving to New York City, my me? website 19 was a career, an appartment that took me through this new place. Then, I got to meet my current spouse and spend my free moment to build a rapport, to meet his buddies, and I didn't want a new venture for my few afternoons. The engagement gave me a big project: the marriage plan!

To be honest, we did a great deal of research and had amazing sellers and no host families: ?wedding was actually funny and quite simple for me. I had another gap in my whole being. It was a place where my marriage plans were filling my schedule and my mind, and now there was nothing.

But I wasn't prepared for the probable newborn. Instead I became a paying author, set up a shop, resigned my profession and then wrote a book. Now, my deal has balanced out and I'm really lucky, but the book is done, out there.

What am I supposed to do with my day now?

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I' ve written a book.... What now?

To write the first design of a book is a great achievement. So after typing'The End' and probably having a smug cup of bubbly, what do you do next? These questions have appeared several occasions in groups I am a member of, so it could be one you had (or will have).

Make sure that your letter is new but not so long that you have no interest in the work. If you visit your script again, it's reworked. It will be your aim to be your own publisher. Ensure that you have not inadvertently changed the name of a side act in the middle of the script.

I can' t tell you in memoir how often the author begins in the past and changes to the first one when the operation begins. This is most often seen with authors I coach because I'm familiar with their first work. He will come to a point in the history when it is clear what is happening, what is trauma or excitement or excitement, and he will accidentally move to the first one.

The script is your boy. You' re the one who gave life to it, and it's wonderful and it' re just great. Letting someone say things have to change (what do you mean the person has to leave?) is like saying you call your little boy unsightly? It' s. to be offended that you have to halve your script if an editorial staff tells you.

However, a good editorial tool will be useful and useful. You will also emphasize the parts of your script that inspire you. Notice that your publisher should be able to figure out why something works or not. When they can't, they won't help you become a better author.

At the end of this phase, you should have a flawless, focussed and executable work. When your book is as good as it can be, it's all about packing and selling it and getting it into the readers hand. What about the next book, yeah?

Do you need an editorial office or have a question about authoring or posting, please do not hesitate to do so. I am a full-time journalist with 10 years of editorial work. I' m specialized in working with new writers, memoirs and coaches. By the way, the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) is a good source for writers.

I' m not saying this because I' m a member, but because I know these gifted pros. You' ll get hundreds of answers to your questions and have the freedom to choose the right editors for you.

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