I Write words App

I' m writing words app

Educate your children to write words. It' the perfect companion at school, an interactive game where you learn to write with fun. "It is a beautifully designed iPad app that helps children recognize and write numbers, letters and words. L'Escapadou's Writing Wizard is designed to help every child learn through a system carefully designed to maintain motivation. It deletes everything when you stop typing.

iPhoneWriteWords (Handwriting Game) App Review

Pulling Mr. Crab over characters or numbers through the iWrite Words numerated points can be an interesting way to get the right order. But the trembling images and squeaking noises that occur when you follow the road off-piste are disheartening for some children. Every year children add a phrase, a sweet sketch will appear and the children can see a repetition of their persecution.

Wiping the characters into the rotating vertebra can also be a lot of pleasure, although this can be quite puzzling, as the characters can be transcribed. You can select certain characters, numbers and words and resize the tracing with a single stroke.

Overall, some children will enjoy the application, but they may be feeling better as the challenges become more demanding.

Children learning to write words

Educate your children to write words. It will help your children to speak a new one. Educate your kid to write a thousand words. There is a simple way of giving the baby immediate response to the placed note, or a tough way of giving the response only when all the notes are placed.

So long as you write words, you will free pets from a cages. I' m sure your kid will go on and study to write. It can also be used by grown-ups to teach them how to spelt words when they are learning a non-native one.

Letters, Alphabet & Words Review - Wizard for Kids

The Wizard App offers many advantages to students and those who have to fight with subtlety, manuscript and dysgraphies. Trace Background will give details to the parent on how the children are getting on, where their children are fighting and whether or not the present degree of difficulties suit them.

You can export these logs and send them by e-mail.

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