I Write for you

I' m writing for you

Author, writer, writer, lender, writing service. If you want to start a letter: The renovated store front in Washington, DC is OPEN! Drop by and take a look at our exciting changes. The writing for yourself frees you from the pressure to impress.

Please check out my Journal for Writing Prompts.

Please check out my Journal for Prompts. Research my blog for thoughts and suggestions on how to write and publish and more! It is now available: The magic & the Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journal. Writers' worlds are both enchanting, the arts of typing, and everyday, the crafts. Travel with your landlord and leader, Esumera, the extraordinary museum, and her cat-like mistress, Mystique, as she inspires you to investigate or write and uplift the everyday.

P. June Diehl's The Magic & The Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journalney provides a resourceful way to expand your literary journey: - As you are in your own singular creation processes and singular voices, - information about the elemets of typing and how to use these to improve your typing, - research several concepts and skills when you find what works for you, - how to write and accomplish your typing objectives, - information and proposals for mastery of the corporate side of typing (publication, media, editor, advertising, etc.).

Books, literature, publishing and script expressions, inspirations and motivations through samples and typing drills that allow you to incorporate what you have learned into your work, a specific section on poetic composition, even if you have never composed a verse, approach to novel composition, traps and fraud, ressources for exploring and broadening the author's understanding of the art.

The Magic & the Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journey contains a book of days - over 360 original and inspirational instructions. You have to become the novelist you're supposed to be! A native of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, P. June Diehl lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she trains and instructs authors local and on-line.

She is currently working on several books and other literary work. Do you have a writer's death lock? You don't think you have enough to write? Please feel free to get in touch with me for a free typing training meeting. Teachers I enjoy developing and teaching classes.

I recently started to develop and teach secretarial work. Have a look at my teacher training and my classes and workshop.

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