I Write Books

I' m writing books

Obviously you can enter a fictitious event, add a title and call it a book. Yes, you will receive royalties depending on how good the book is once a week. You have to be a writer to write an article. This is why I write about Dr. Nicole, the author of children's books who learn valuable lessons from life.

Books for children who teach critical thinking.

riedrich Nietzsche - Why I write such excellent books

Before I talk about the books themselves, I would like to raise the issue of their understanding or non-understanding. But I will do this as superficially as the opportunity requires, because the moment has not yet come for this issue. It is not yet my turn either; some are posthumous.

Someday there will be need for places where people will learn and learn how I see life and teachings; perhaps also that in the meantime there will be established seats for the performance of Zarathustra. I think that the recording of one of my books is one of the few honors a man can afford - I can even assume that he will take off his shoe, not to speak of the socks.

Once when Dr. Heinrich von Stein sincerely lamented that he could not hear a Zoroaster's saying, I told him that it was as it should be: to have heard six phrases in this scripture - that is, to experience them - elevates a man to a higher plane among the mortal than "modern" men can reach.

Last summers, perhaps when I was trying to unbalance the remainder of the literary world with my heavy, overweight works, a certain Berlin university lecturer was kind enough to make me realise that I really should use another form: none of these works, as I used them.

For example, the latter treats my Zarathustra as "advanced stylistic exercises" and expresses the wish that I later also raise the issue of matter; Dr. Widmann reassured me of his regard for the bravery that I have shown in my efforts to eliminate all honest feelings. In the end, nobody can get more out of things - including books - than they already know.

None of it is really listened to in this case and thanks to an audible deception one will believe that where nothing is listened to, nothing can be heared. Those who believed they had grasped something in my work usually had adapted something in it to their own picture - often the exact opposite of me, for example an "idealist".

He, who did not understand anything in my work, would negate that I was even deserving of consideration - the term "Superman", which denotes a human being who has developed very well in contrast to "modern" people, to "good" people, to Christians and other nihilists - a term which stands in the lips of Zarathustra, the destroyer of morals,

Others of the scholarly bovine world have accused me of this Darwinian word: even the "cult of heroes" of the great subconscious and unintentional deceiver Carlyle - a worship that I refused with such wickedness. I will have to be pardoned for not being curious about criticism of my books, especially when they appear in newpapers.

To confess, I am much more happy about those who do not hear me, about those who have not even known my name or the term philosophical. Wherever I go, here in Turin for example, every face lights up when I see it.

The words are those of Monsieur Taine;-l I am afraid that even up to the highest form of dithyrambus the gunpowder will be found in my work, which will never become moist, which will never become "German" - and I cannot help it. It seems to me that they have the feeling that I better comprehend them!

I' m well conscious of my privilege as a writer: In one or two cases I even realized how the usual way of studying my works "spoils" a man's tastes. The other books just can't be borne after mine and least after the philosophic ones. But whoever is related to me by the majesty of will learns in my books real rapture of mind: for I plunge down from altitudes into which no birds have ever risen; I know chasms into which no feet have ever sunk.

Folks were telling me that it is not possible to put down a notebook of mine - that I would even disrupt the night's sleep. There' s no more proud or at the same times more subtile work than mine: from times to times they reach the highest peak of the striving on earth: the most cynical; to catch their thoughts, a person must have the most tender hands and the most courageous thumbs.

It is not only the poverity of a man's souls and their sticky atmosphere that exclude one of them, but also and to a much greater degree sickening, impure and secretive vindictiveness; a single words from my mouth is enough to plunge the intoxication of all bad moods into a face. Anyone who has nothing to do with the content of my books, such as my so-called mates, adopt an "impersonal" tone: they wish me good fortune and compliment me on another work; they also explain that my scriptures show improvement because they show a more joyful mind.

Those thoroughly evil men, the "beautiful souls", the wrong ones from top to bottom do not know in the least what they should do with my books - consequently they see my work as among them in the nice texture of all the fine spirits. It is the bovine animals among my friends, the common Germans, who make me see if you want them to disagree with me, even though they do here and there.

I' ve even been hearing about Zoroaster. It would be hard to describe better than Zarathustra did to whom I really turn: to whom alone would he pose his mystery? "To you daredevil discoverers and adventure seekers and to all who sail the terrible oceans under crafty sail; to you who indulge in mystery and dusk, whose spirits are drawn by the flute into every traitorous abyss:

Meanwhile, for example, my Zoroaster is still looking for such persons -alas! He will still have to search a long while! In the meantime, no one will have understood the kind of work wasted in this work. Until my days I didn't know what you could do with the English and what you could do with the English in general.

I was the first to discover the great rythm, the great stylistic skill that expresses the immense ascent and decline of the supernatural, the supernatural passion: with the dithyram with the title "The Seven Seals", which represents the last discursive of the third part of Zarathustra, I rose above everything that was previously referred to as poetic.

For me, those sentences on which the whole wide globe basically agrees - not to mention the fashion philosophies of moralsists and other empty heads and cabbages - are only naive: for example, the faith that "altruistic" and "selfish" contradictions are, while the "I" itself is always only a "supreme swindle" is an "ideal"!

If the whole wife is in love with you, she'll tear you to pieces: If a little lady were to take revenge, she'd outstrip even fate. She is unpredictably worse than the man, she is also wiser. The good thing about a girl is already a symptom of degeneracy. In all cases of "beautiful souls" in females, there is a physical problem - but I won't go any further so as not to become medically-synical.

More feminine a women is, the more she struggles with teeth and claws against the right in general: the inherent order of things, the perpetual intergender conflict puts her in a positon of avantage. Did they hear my definitions of Iove? Did you hear my answer to the questions how a lady can be healed - actually "saved"?

Zarathustra said that a man is always just a means. In trying to become the "woman within themselves", the "higher woman", the "ideal woman", they only want to lower the general status of women: and there are no safer means than higher educational qualifications, pants and the right of bovine animals to vote.

An entire spectrum of the most evil "idealism" - which, by the way, also becomes manifest in men - for example in Henrik Ibsen, the typically old girl, whose goal is to contaminate the virginity, the nativeness of arousal. And, to make no mistake about my view, which is both sincere and strict in this affair, I will give you another provision of my morality against vices - with the words "vice" I fight any kind of oppositions to the natural world, or if you favour beautiful words, the ideal.

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