I would like to Write a Book

I' d like to write a book

l didn't mean to fail. At the threshold of the next step, but you don't know how? When you want to share your ideas with more people than your circle of friends, write a review. Consider why YOU want to write a book. That could be one of the reasons.

?Would Do you like writing a work?

I was in junior high and even junior high when my aim was to write a text. I' ve subscribed to e-mail newsletter from so many different sites that still send me an e-mail. I was overcrowded with challenges and various essays about the development of witchcraft, antiheroes, rogue stories, guns and side personalities.

Taking craft arts lessons (2D and photography) at class, I worked on a brief history for an hour after class. I' ve transferred binders and binders of old stories, half-written first sections and pages and pages of thought directly into Word documents.

I' m not really interested in a textbook anymore. I' ve always focused on high schools and literature and writing. Now, I try to direct my responses to the arts - technology and what it's like to take the arts at work. I still think the word is a big part of me.

I' m still recording all the thoughts I have, and I take those thoughts and try to make a history out of them. I' m not sitting down to compose a script. Some of it, I think, got away because I was always on fire, unhappy with my work and always trying to carry a history with me that I no longer felt was what I wanted to do.

Some of it was perhaps just a child's wish to type, and it did not meet the requirements of high schools. A part of it might have been NaNoWriMo, and emphasizing out to end a tale and get hold of 30k words in 30 working day already chock-full of high schools and travel and family.

When I said that you have to be able to write something, you have to be able to do it. In fact, I still believe it when I said that you will hating typing and it will be like a job, but the end product is inebriating. However, then I sit down and try to use my own counsel on my own histories, and I..... couldn't.

You know, I could make it up. That'?s what we have written in our own work. This was the wellspring of my "knowledge" and advices and as I knew and loved composing and cutting and the last run of submission of a history and even the group reviews that the grade would make.

Full-length titles? They were not able to withstand the real script of the script and they were too much transformed. All my thoughts about scribbling about thieves or fantastic animals or floating vessels degenerate until I wrote about..... what? It' not possible that this guy behaves like that, but I like this guy too much; that was their initial theme; why has the whole thing really moved so much?

So... I don't think I want to be writing a script. Through what I draw, I want to communicate small parts of the history, but that is not the same as storytelling. I' ve got a series of old shorts that I want to try to recreate, and I have more that I have to type for the first and that I want to illustrated.

I' d like to begin small and maybe I can write longer tales, but they would probably just drop like my book - so maybe I'll just stay with shorter one. At first I loved the way Undertale worked: the way there were so many different ways to go.

Did you hear the tale of a pacifistic kid trying to rescue a monstrous underworld? It was a let's watch for OneShot and I loved the way the gambler interact ing with Niko, where the gambler was as important a person as Niko himself, as the selection was small but effective and it gave you the feeling that you were worried about Niko even though I was just sitting and not even in it.

The children of light were nice to play - simple, artistic, nice. Count Lucanor has the marvelous sound track that I really like, which is frightening with the different character and the settings and the whole notion. There is so much you can do with gaming, you can't do with videogames, you can't do with books, and that' s what fascinates me right now.

So do I want to compose a script? I still want to tell a story.

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