I will Write a Book someday

I'll write a book one day.

You' re writing in your leather-bound journal as if a publisher would read for edits. Well, how many of you said that? I' m gonna write a book one day. Q.E.


? I' m gonna write a book one day. Q.E.D. Sandy is a member of the music group Dum Dum Girls. You will find a German to English language version of this offer: Talk to the fellowship about this Sandy quote: Do you want us to mail you a FREE, inspirational offer in your mailbox every day?

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One day I will write a book - Carlton PR & Marketing

As most PR guys who've been around for a while, I have a supply of strange stuff I take off at diner partys. When I was presented to a new member one evening, I was asked to tell one of my strange sentiments.

When the petitioner's introductory reminds me that this was obviously an old favourite of his - I was known! So I plunged into history with a sense of duty. The next thought in my head was: "Oh dear - I have been telling these tales far too often.

"I' ve become so boring, I can't listen anymore." Well, I'll try to catalogue some of my Weird Tales here - and I'd be happy to listen to yours!

to the Daily Show:

Or, maybe you're pretending your telephone is a tri-corder connected to the mothership you came from. Or, maybe your own world is so overwhelming that you think everyone wants to know how you've gone from a plump, orthodontically covered -headed idiot to a glamorous puss-fortune 500 CEO. However, for my non-writer-lovers who think you may have what it took, here are a few things to consider:

The majority (if not all) of publishers write every day. Rumour has it that the notorious Nora Roberts spends every day of the week from nine to five o'clock. She now has about 150 novels and few of us are dreaming of being so productive, but it still needs a long way to design, rework and shine a novel.

Maps. Ten tickets will be removed without the remainder of the building falling apart. Then, put the tickets back in. Well, hopefully you have an astonishing, committed operative who'll make you a lot more moneys. And, until you've established your badge and released a few ledgers, don't roll in the batter - unless your other profession is as a bakery apprentices.

While there are editors who work with unauthorized authors, this is a bit like a defence board. If you are well experienced in the publication of know-how and legal language, you are better off having the expert knowledge of an agency at your side. Authors don't just open the phonebook and choose an agents at random. Well, they're not.

Frahlingen are extraordinarily occupied humans. They not only negotiate agreements for their existing customers, process scripts and network within the sector, they also get every year tens of thousand e-mails from up-and-coming authors looking for a representative. In 2010, an agency published in her diary that she was sent 36,000 survey notes (about 700 per week!) asking for part or full scripts from about 900 authors.

This means that 35,991 authors were rejected by this agent. An agent drinks from a fire tube, so if you think you'll blind one, you'd better be a damn good author. The number of titles in the Romantic section alone in 2009. But I don't have the statistics on how many titles have been released in other categories.

Let us say you are persistent enough to complete a script, happy enough to end up an operative with an eyes for your astonishing talents, and she in turn gets you a fantastic deal. Her glossy new book has been released and is on the bookshop shelves. So when Suzy Soccermom comes along, what will make her choose your book over the other 9088 that year?

Editors are expecting their authors to sell themselves. This means that you can create a website in your free and with your own money. We' re paying our own way of conference authoring, handing out books and visiting postcards that we' ve used the five giants that the publishing house has diverted.

We' re telling our families and our facesbook buddies that our book is edible. Then, against all resistance, we say that when we write it, they will be reading. As most authors know, the chances of making it wealthy and popular in this business are about as reasonable as if I were bitten by this Pattinson kid and turned into a true vendor (not that I wouldn't be willing to give it a fuss.

We' re writing because we like it. We' re writing because the option is inconceivable. One day" will never come. When you have the patience to construct and reconstruct a deck of paper, the confidence to share your work with tens of thousand of others in the hope that it will come to the top, and if you are brave enough to call yourself a novelist, then do it.

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