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Gaye I Want You (Marvin song) "The song I Want You" is a song by songwriter Leon Ware and Arthur "T-Boy" Ross and is played by vocalist Marvin Gaye. In 1976 it was published as a solo on his 14th same-named Studioalbum on the Tamla record company. This song ushered in a new style of music for Gaye, who had previously recorded radio-effect music.

Sites like this gave him a discount crowd thanks to merchandise that Gaye and the song made. It was also one of Marvin's most beloved single tracks during his later Motown era, followed by his Sabbathical after the publication of Let's Get It On in 1973. This song finally made it to number fifteen on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Hot Selling Single Charts.

1 ] It also became a club success, and reached tenth place in the charts of discos singles alongside "After the Dance". Designed by Motown singer Leon Ware and his songwriters "T-Boy" Ross, it was initially scheduled for inclusion on Ware's Musical Massage Alum. A product that was also a featured single performer on the Motown record company, Motown CEO Berry Gordy presented the raw design of his record, the man was grateful for the tracks, among them a coarse copy of "I Want You".

However, after listening to it, he persuaded Ware to pass some of the tracks on to Marvin Gaye, who left the 1973 publication of his celebrated Let's Get It On, his last duo with Diana Ross and a commercial success on a US roadshow.

Marvin, who described himself as a Perfektionist, had trouble to create a follow-up to Let's Get It On. Playing the raw design of "I Want You", Marvin, when Ware Gaye was inspirited by his relation to his friend Janis Hunter,[2] he was tempted to make a compelling song about a man who was trying to persuade a moody enthusiast that he wanted the wife to like him as much as she loves her.

Supposedly filmed in Marvin's Room, the singer's new Los Angeles studios, Marvin is also said to have filmed the song while laying on the back of his couch according to the merchandise, who said that he couldn't see Gaye at first, but then spotted a relaxed Marvin who delivered the song in his typical soprano.

It was a merger of different styles, an extraordinary mixture for Gaye. Orchestration consisted of string instruments that were an important part of 70s solo and discos, bongoes, bells, percussions gave the song a feeling of hip hop style, the basso continuo and guitars brought a funky touch, while extra guitars (by Ray Parker Jr., now a Los Angeles sessions musician) brought in an extra roll.

Gaye's leading singing brings both falsetta and a guospel touch close to the song's final-code. Additonal voices, later added to Gayes Delta of I Want You, show two different Marvin Leadvocals. All of Gaye's backing voices are reminiscent of Marvin's early doo-wop music.

Madonna, an US vocalist, has produced a coverage of "I Want You" with the UK trip-hop group Massive Attack for the Marvin Gaye grand-butted Inner City Blues album: Marvin Gaye's music in 1995. This was also on their ballads-album compilation Something to Remember (1995) and was published as a promo-mingle.

Initially the singles were to be the first from Madonna's original CD and a musical clip was filmed and published in many different channels, but in the end legal issues between the Motown and Madonna's labels stopped it. Masssive Attack recorded the song later on the extra issue of their biggest hit collection Collect 2006.

This song will be released on the record in two versions: the first is the full length and the second is an orchestra one. "Staged by Earle Sebastian, made by Joel Hinman, published by Bruce Ashley, and filmed at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, New York on August 5 and 6, 1995, the tape was based on A Telephone Call, a brief narrative by US author Dorothy Parker, and is a tribute to her.

It was published on VH1 on October 2, 1995. 11 ] "I Want You" was nominated for "MTV Amour" at the MTV Europe Music Awards 1996, but was defeated by "Killing Me Softly" from The Fugees. 17 ] Julian Hirsh has made several blends of the song, while there are uncommon promotions with almost a doze of slightly modified copies of the originals.

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