I want to Write my Story

I' d like to write my story

Did you ever say: "I wish we had written it down? " My mission is to inspire students to become lifelong writers. We lose generations of stories and thoughts without writing. Is that what you have in mind: a nagging, willless desire to write your autobiography? You can write about your childhood like Walls and McCourt.

What do I have to do to write my story?

and work on your personal history as much as you want. So you can choose not to post your story until you are willing to do so. Use the Show for Friend Only feature to get your story without showing it to the whole family.

People live in one place and in one age and their biographies are a reflection of that age. Don't write as an accountant. There' are the arid things that are defining you, you should put them on the hard copy, but beyond that there are the things that make up your own existence that interest us.

I don't need you to write everything that happens to you. They can write briefly about the overall image and then tell us a story that matters to you. You can write your bio in two ways - in order of chronology or by topic - without a time line. When you want to write your chapter by chronology, name it:

Infancy, Youth, 30-40, Gold Era, etc. When you write without timeline, you can write by topic: Dating & Relationship, Friend, Goodies, Badies, etc. It' like studying to learn to swim-that swimming machine makes you think you can float, but the lack of help is often the only thing that can really get you killed, and thus also the only thing that can get your own story going.

1 ) For topical happenings in your life: Write your own journal to keep track of your everyday activities. 2 ) Collecting childrenhood memories: Gather pictures of various happenings in the infancy of your parents, boyfriends and kin. Write down everything that the story tells of everyone when they remember these moves with you.

Take brief memos about particular individuals you encounter while travelling, working, getting lost, looking for the purpose of living, etc., how you encounter them, what you have learned from them, how you have liked them - help and forgotten..... and much more. It' gives you a lot of information about yourself and the things that have been around you throughout your years.

Classify all this information and write chronicles in first-person stories. Your story is finished! Now, if it's your own Iife and how you are feeling about it, it has to be the first one. When you want to write everything from your early years, gather your memory and begin to write.

You want to write about what's going on in your whole lifetime, do a journal or something. You can write whenever you want (like in Awkward (TV series)). You keep editing and if you think it's right, it's done. The editors do not want to re-invent the novel, they expect a great story that will be recounted by the acceptable framework.

This is a set-up with a Kill Hooks, character introduction with background story and contexts, a feeling for the place, premonition and determination of missions, the forthcoming need of the heroes and the inner daemons, the appearing semen of a side story, an important storyline that introduced the story, antagonist elements, the search or the need of the heroes.

You can write about virtually a hundred themes in your personal history. To write your personal history, you must first create your paper. First you write your paper, then you can write your personal history. Please review this short documentary for the importance of your life:

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