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You will also train your writing skills by keeping a personal online journal. So if you're crazy about privacy, Penzu is what you need. First and foremost, the advantage of this online diary or app is privacy.

Do it privately: Complimentary online diary and personal journal

Beloved by more than 2,000,000 authors, presented on..... They can be easily accessed by anyone, even if they are kept well. Built to concentrate on your personal space, your posts are completely personal by now! Compatible with Android and iPhone and iOS and completely free! User-defined e-mail alerts help ensure that you never miss to write.

Customize each magazine with its own cover art, background art and type. Browse your logs, posts and tag quickly and simply. Additionally secure your diary with 256-bit AES encoding in the quality of the army. With our iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phone and tablet applications, you can take your magazine with you wherever you go.

#7 free online diary sites

On-line diary is the best way to communicate and exchange your thoughts with twins' spirits. You will also be able to practice your typing abilities by maintaining a dedicated online magazine. Find out what the best online tools are for maintaining a diary and expressing your thoughts and suggestions. Livjournal.com is a well known online amateur writer-scene.

Each magazine seems to be like the owner's home: personalised styles, user-defined backgrounds, feeds, layout, button. Livejournal also offers you a page where you can enter all the necessary information about yourself and your online diary. You can post here your own posts, posts only for your friend and family.

Don't overlook tagging your items for easy searching in the near term. In LJ, there are many fellowships where all members can write and intercommunicate with each other. When you can't find the social network you like, build your own and connect with great new members with the same interests and great idea.

Actually, this diary site is free, but some layout and dome name are available for a certain annual pay. Penzu.com is similar to a genuine laptop and is therefore very classy and fashionable. You can keep a personal diary here and nobody has direct contact with your posts or you can e-mail your thoughts to other people.

So you can make your online diary look and feel really personal. It is one of the most cool things on this page that you can use it to upload your old diary items. You can print out all your memos and keep them as a diary.

You can also store your input in PDF, TXT, RSS or ATOM XXML formats on your workstation. Diary.com is another recognised website for online submissions. It' really great as a social diary to share thoughts with others. You will also receive a diary in which you can enter your own secrets.

So, if you have different kinds of memos (personal and public), please sign up on this website. It is mainly used for brief postings, image and image share. So, this is for those who want to post great messages, GIF images, listen to great stuff and so on. You can, of course, make your blogs accessible privately or only to your family.

When it comes to customizing, Tumblr lets you select a topic and make basic changes such as fonts, colors, or backgrounds. Include the most common hash tags in your listings to increase the number of re-posts and the like. Journate is a basic online diary where you can record your thoughts. It is best suited for those who want to have a face-to-face online diary with a list of comments.

So you can simply enter items from your iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices. Memiary.com is a Twitter-like website where you can write down your brief thoughts. When you are under pressure of pressure or are not in a position to get yourself together for a "real" online diary, try it out. This page does not offer too many features, as it is an easy way to write down a few phrases.

It is another place where you can write down your thoughts and protect them from other people's onlookers. You can also save your input to your computer or your mobile phone if you wish. Fitness.com will be your best diary when your living is much on the path of health.

If you' re spending a great deal of your life moving or following different dietary patterns, you can write everything in this online diary. If you want, define your objectives and organise your own priority.

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