I want to Write Children's Books where do I Start

I' d like to write children's books, where should I start?

Why do some people think that writing for children is a lesser form of literature? Writers of children's books have a better offer. As one really writes a book. Let's start with the big picture. Writing (and illustrating) children's books for our families, neighbours, students, friends;

and that is also valid and important.

So, you want to write books for children? {\a6}(part 1)

When you read a favourite textbook to an agitated kid after the nth one, every parents or teacher thinks of themselves at some point: However, if you itch to start a carreer as a children's writer, I have 7 hints to help you and your imagination: Read - it is the simplest and most efficient way to start your children's creative work.

Though this might seem like the second most blatant play of the council (the most blatant is down), many ambitious writers are skipping right behind this paces. Would you like to write photo books (PBs)? Go to the libary or a bookshop and collect a huge pile of them. Browse through old and new classic books; see everything you can get your hand on.

If you want to write for older students - medium class (MG) or young adults (YA), the same rule applies. When you don't know where to start, ask a children's library owner or a tutor for advice. Get ready for a long mailing lists - a keen children's books enthusiast will be delighted to tell you what to listen to.

Use indiscriminate and comprehensive reading. Don't just pick books you think you'll like. Even if you are relentless, you only want to write literature and the other way around. Linda Sue Park, the winning writer from The Netherlands, said that she had been reading more than 1,000 medium-sized books before she even started writing her first novel - or, more important, submitted it to publishing houses.

This might seem frightening, but of course most children's books are much short of books for grown-ups. And you don't have to study a hundred books before you write anything. Simply find out that the more you are reading, the better your letter will be. Also, I' ve been reading children's journals. Childrens magazine publishing is the first video for many up-and-coming children's writers.

You can also get some books about the art of typing while you are in the libary. It comes with one reservation: you should devote a lot of your attention to it, but don't let it become a means of delay. In order to become a children's book author, always keep in mind that you have to write - this leads to the most evident tip.....

Authors have to write, right? However, for many authors - I dare say most of them - this is difficult. You' re gonna have to write so much that she or he can't get a chance to speak. Well, there is another scoundrel about history, or the obvious absence of it. You just write. Allow me to reiterate - write down your date and times in your calender.

As much as I like the thought, I don't get up at 4:00 in the morning to write. Do your letter habits as much of a custom as dental floss everyday (what do you do, right?). Practise makes the master at every work, even when it comes to typing. When you have a child at home, the BIC period can give your child the occasional pleasure of watching a movie or exchange care with a schoolmate.

Don't think you have to plan big overruns. Exercise yourself to write whenever you can take a second. You can even write only one set per days and complete a design of a textbook after one months. BIC Timing. It' the only way to become a novelist.

By bi-weekly, we mean eliminating these diversions, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or the sirens call of the cancelled underwear. What should you write? You' ve got this wish, but no idea what you' re writing. Don't try to have all the pie, just have a morsel.

Draw up a vignette of your personality. Browse through a journal until you find a photo of a kid or teenager. The authors' blog. Subscribe to the lists of children's authors. Enjoy your free online experience and its many great offers. Just like when you are literate, but don't let this self-education stop you from actually doing it. She is the writer of two dozens of children's books.

In September 2012, her Heroes of the American Revolution was selected by the Junior Library Guild. She has worked on a free-lance basis, producing books for English learners, curricula, encyclopaedias, business communication and much more. She has been teaching child literacy through the Institute for Children's Books and has worked as an assistent for the Society of Children's Authors and Illustrators.

She is a letter teacher for the University of South Dakota, with diplomas in England and Germany and a legal schooling.

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