I want to Write but have no Ideas

I' d like to write, but I have no ideas.

It sounds like you have a short attention span. All you need is a little exposure. If I want to write literature but have no ideas, what should I do?

All I have to say is that a whole month is not a lot of work. It sounds like you have a brief duration of interest. It' not like working in a place where you go in at a certain hour and turn every layer over.

Thoughts come and go. SomeĀ ideas will be good, others not so good. I don't think you know how to spell well. You' d find a pianist and take lessons. How is it different? It'?s an artistic thing, but it'?s a scholarly one. Asking someone how to write a history is like asking "How do I mount a hill?

And, no, it's not missilery, but typing is something that needs to be learned and practised. Everybody can just take a seat and write muck. I know most folks will tell you to just get started and keep going, but I disagree. It is not enough to write every single working days if you do not know what you are doing or how to do something better.

This means only unhelpful typing for a few hours, even a few hours. But you can't get better, you can't turn this into a shawl.... you have a wish, but you don't know how. Tutorials on typing; Grammar and Interpuncture (very important..... many self-published textbooks swim in blatant mistakes and typos), Characters, Dialog, Plots, Tempo, Point of Position (POV), inner and external conflict, subplot, scenes and continuations, styles, storyboards, twists, chapters hook, tension, killing opening line and satisfactory ends.

To write sci-fi, you must take a course in the Word House. A detective story, for example, must have hints for the readers that they are trying to resolve. Romances need a post-ending happening known as HEA. Thrillers need speed and peril.

There' re courses in written stories. How can I find these courses? In many cases, there is a need for schooling. I have seasonal lessons in my neighborhood reading room. The best of all is that there are literally thousands of courses available online. Googles online typing lessons and you will get many pages. You have lessons all year round.

There is no need to join either of them, but if you do, you will get a rebate on their profession. Only because one grade is about novelty, does it mean to write and write; many of the same principals also hold true for other styles. So, don't be hesitant to take a course on forming characters or creating a scene just because the site is dedicated to the romantic.

Some websites provide costly courses, so be cautious. I would suggest you start with a few less costly ones to see if you really want to write and do more. It is not necessary to have a diploma or take an expensively paid course to write well. Gain a feeling for how a tale is narrated, how it begins, how it develops through the tale to a satisfactory ending.

but if you can join some groups, even on-line groups are useful. Often these groups provide written courses and lessons. This will inspire your creative mind and your ideas will begin to run.

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