I want to Write a Story

I' d like to write a story

You can tell stories, but tell stories that make people laugh, cry or both. R.R. Martin decided to go into accounting instead of writing stories? Would you like to write short stories for women's magazines?

Where can I develop this idea? "A question and answer with the author.

I' m writing it. So what are some hints before you start a storyline?

If you have another (better) concept, you can research and modify the aim you have halfway, but if you have an idea of where things are going, you can concentrate the whole thing on the things that really matters, without hesitating and aimlessly mäandern.

A lot of prospective authors are excited about the ideas phase and brain storming, but they loose interest as soon as the tough work has to be done. Give it a time limit and let go of the whole thing. First, you have clear information about story.and you should know very well that what you want to write, I mean about the topic.like a romantic... anyhow, you should know very well.

That' important, but not enough. You should pay all your attentions to scripting stories. Concentrate and work hard. Which subject you type on, you have to be the people. When you are creating a novel about romanticism, you have to think like a romantically minded individual and be like that........... and normally you will begin to make a film. Your thoughts will come to your head spontaneously.....

When it' a fictitious tale, let your spirit go. Just writing for yourself, only writing what you would like to see. Not until you have written it, but then edited it. Putzmeister me in case you want to clear up some points.

Tell the story of your lifetime

A lot of folks have stories to tell. Irrespective of whether this tale will never be on the New York Times bestseller lists. Perhaps it is a tale to be told only to families and boyfriends, but it is still important to the writer. So if you're one of those who want to make your own personal history but don't know where to start, read on to find out how to do it.

When you write only for your and your loved ones, this history could be different from when you would write your history to be widely known. Consider whether or not you want to alter people's name. When your world has been a hard one, you may not want to give the actual name of the persons in it.

They can also consider whether your biography could be fictional. There is an old saying: "True living is better than fiction." Perhaps your truest history could be told in fictional format to make it better sellable to the consumer population. You should record everything you can imagine, everything you want to incorporate into your personal history.

On this point, the order is not necessarily important; to receive the reminders and information, it does. Type down your life's moments you want to insert into your history on different pages of hardcopy or index-card. It is a place where I suggest the old-fashioned way of spelling with pens and papers.

Because all your sceneries are created seperately, you can later put them in a suitable order for your work. Would you like to tell it in order? Would you like to concentrate on one part of your career? Would you like to go back and forth between "the old days" and the present?

As soon as you have decided on your order, you can go back and reorder what you have already made. Anything you want to educate the public about? Maybe your ancestor had a farmyard or a hotel or even a small place to eat and you want to exchange your experience with it. To ask your relatives and acquaintances for an idea or detail of a certain setting can give you a very different view of the events or the times in your being.

This could turn out to be an inestimable prospect in your letter. Prepare; once you get a group of relatives and acquaintances together to remind yourself, you will be horrified at how quickly the thoughts come and how one concept can sparks another and others and others. They can help you to recall small stickers in your lifetime or give detail about your attitudes and yourselves.

Don't let your whole thing be down. Also, if your message wasn't a spiritual being message, kind doomed you contain any light component of anticipation or wit. You' re not necessarily a novelist, but you still want to take up your history somehow? Don't think there's no chance for you. Take your recorded music to an author/transcriptionist who can then enter your narrative in a logic order.

Cooperating with an author while recording your tales orally can be an option if you have the feeling that you are too near the tale. It is possible that your biography could be therapeutically written by providing the completion of some not so light points of your own personality narrative along with affective and psychological healings.

Perhaps your whole existence was just a carnival act and it's been fun from the beginning. When you are touched by your own personal history as you write it, think of all the human beings you can affect when they do it. She has been a free-lance author for more than 20 years and publishes several hundred papers in a dozen different journals.

If she doesn't write, Ruth enjoys spending her free day with quilts, books, scrapbooking, tents and walking with her mates.

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