I want to Write a novel where do I Start

I' d like to write a novel, where should I start?

This novel will practically write itself if you only have the courage to start and let yourself be carried away by its characters and their lives. When you' re just starting out as a writer, your TV should be the first thing you need. Looks that way, doesn't it? Printers that recognize that you must know the story before you start writing correspond to all the planning, plotting and outline advice you can find. I found six important steps helpful.

Is it possible to begin to write my novel when I haven't read many books in a few years?

Here is the reason: if you've recently reread a textbook, your mind will remember it a great deal. Those thoughts can stop your work from being inventive. It is good for you to be able to make a history that is not just about one you have recently had.

Had you not reread for a while, your knowledge of the English-speaking world would have declined. In order to increase your linguistic knowledge and your lexicon, I suggest the use of a lexicon or fast and complicated poetry. In Stephen King's onwriting, you don't have much free space to spend on your work.

Well, I think it'?s vital for a novelist to be able to read. You' re welcome to join us. I' m not sure how you are, but it's difficult for me to spend more than 2-3 consecutive lessons on it. Well, I think a good reader's day is at the end of it. If you are practicing for 2-3 hrs, take a pause for practice, then take a seat with your meal and a books for onehr.

When you only have two lessons a days, use one and a half to work on your books and then spend half an extra lesson studying in it. Sure, you can still compose your novel even if you're not up to date. A number of authors find themselves subconsciously copying the styling of the writer, which they have recently reread, so that they evade having to reread their own fictions when they do.

Others, however, I myself sometimes, but not always among them, find it easy to keep their imagination alive when they have finished writing. Sometimes when I get stuck in the midst of a storyline, I take a pause and reread someone else's books to make the juice flow.

In the 80s I consciously used a few handfuls of C. S. Forester and Robert Heinlein for this. Whenever you need to type, you should type. It should be about your spirit and what it needs.

It is one way to enhance your literacy and creative abilities, but the only thing that makes a novel is literacy. Be a writer every day! For my part, I think a writer can compose a script, no amount of it. It is not from telling other tales, but from feeling and emotion.

Perhaps you should do some reading before you begin to write. And if you're worried it might take too long, you can try lightweight fiction. Perhaps you can begin with them.

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