I want to Write a novel

I' d like to write a novel.

I' d say if you wanted to write a novel, write your novel. Because I wanted to do everything, I developed this system. And I wanted to give it all to my family and pursue my writing dreams. Sheena I want to write my life story. To write your novel is like starting a business, it has to be done right.

Produce 4 hints for writing a novel to fit into a movie

Beatrice of No Nation - a novel by my boyfriend Uzo Iweala - will be a film with Idris Elba! So what if one of these days I not only finished my novel, but also made a film?! I could get Shonda Rhimes to scribble the screenplay and I could make the carreer of an aspiring actor when she is occupied as my hero.

Below, my mates, are the footsteps to write a novel that will one of these days become a movie: This is because we authors like to use the Anglophone to express the complexity of mankind, so that humans think - no, so that they are feeling. In order for your novel to become a film, something has to be done, ideally in a three-file-structures.

Do not want the film-makers to ruin the picture of the wonderful imaginary universe you have made because you have forgotten to catch its expanse, its unexpectedly cute scent or how the lock is linked to the hidden room in which the responses are sitting. This doesn't mean that your novel should be flooded with description (see section one on the plot), but are you wondering if a stage design professional would be able to reproduce the attitude of your novel as you like?

Doesn't make any difference if your storyline is relatively serious, because let's face it - the film doesn't make any difference to them. Writing a script just to make it a film - that's what scripts are for! Instead, I want you to look at your novel through a different objective. Their most important mission is to provide a satisfactory literacy that will make readers enjoy your novel, make them loved it and make them want it to be a film.

However, sometimes we as authors get into our own indulgence - we are wasting pages that tell stories about what we think and what we do instead of making stories advance and make the readers think and touch. Or, we focus so much on what the protagonists do and say that we are forgetting to earth the readers by putting them sufficiently into the worlds we have made.

Others time, we forgets that even if our novel is serious, it can have some funny Moments. Considering our stories from a different angle, as if they would one of these days become a film. Which are some of your favourite fiction that have been or should be converted into film?

Allow fifteen moments to create a sequence from your novel or brief storyline, but just think that it will be immediately transferred to the monitor. What does it look like compared to previous scenarios? And, when you are writing a contribution, you should definitely give your input on some contributions by other authors.

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