I want to Write a novel

I' d like to write a novel.

Tolulope Popoola can help you. Sign up now for the two-day intensive workshop! Writing a book is the equivalent of a literary marathon, and not every concept has what it takes. ""Writing a book is like a marriage," he concludes. The Novel Writing allows the author to experiment and find himself.

Is there a default way to write a novel?

In any case, you should read a couple of dozens of fiction or so, and read them in terms of the way they are made. Well, what you should do next is explore clichés and see if what you want to write is a cliché or actually something that can be considered new.

Don't fret if it's a cliché. Now, the part comes that you think you can just be sitting and doing a free flux thought on piece of paper or a computer and given enough free to have a history that can be regarded as a Rome number of sections and pages. But you could be a mastermind and not have any problems with consistency, or your character's behaviour could wind like a creep.

It' much better to create your own textbook when you choose your personalities choose the right name, whose significance is something that best reflects the personality. There are too many who choose a name because they like it or because it is loved and the readers do not feel the personality, because it is not thought through down to the smallest detail.

These include sex and race, as the dynamic of the narrative goes in a certain sense, according to the period and attitude you use. You keep an eye on everything, even if you don't use it in the game. It is your aim to be and create a whole universe, but unlike it, you don't want to make apparent mistakes on the path of your history.

Study some psycology so that your personalities are true and can only act according to the person they are - and if they differ from it, you have a cross to investigate why they have evolved. They sketch every part of the history down to what will be included in each section and how many sections.

You will have the full picture of your novel and all the memos you will use to lead your narration with as little disruption and as little consistency as possible before you put a single part of your history on the page. When working on a computer, don't think about orthography, grade or size until you finish the novel.

There are too many folks fixing things on the go and formatting while they're writing, and they find that they're getting tired of what they're doing and can't get on with their work for a few years. When you are planning to release all this artwork yourself, it will help you to know how all the work will look like as a complete work.

When you are planning to get in touch with a publishing house, please get in touch with them before you write and find out that they are expecting it. When you can't accept advise, critique or editing changes (which could lead to a complete rewrite of every thing in your story), then no publishers or editors will want to work with you.

There is no one who wants to have the feeling that he has spent his spare minute and minute amount of valuable resources on anything, and since people are less than a decade old, we need every individual who is still interested in reading so as not to turn their backs on us.

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