I want to Write a Fiction Book

I' d like to write a fiction book.

and mornings. Julia Cameron and her books The Right to Write and The Artist's Way were my first "teacher". You don't have to write perfectly. No fiction: plan or not plan. Look at that point of view.

8 regulations for fiction writers

Fiction is not as difficult to write as it seems as long as you obey these eight easy rules: Do you recall bringing an item from home from primary education and talking about it? But I want you to recall that experienced and the stories telling lesson. Then, create a timemachine, and go back to primary and get a 2nd grader teaching position, and make sure that you are a pupil in your grammar and in the timemachine get an iPhone, and give it to your 2nd grader yourself.

So the younger you are, the more self-esteem you gain from your newly gained self-worth and live a wealthier adulthood and have more stuff to write about. Let's say you're typing about a bastard having an illegitimate love affair. It'? Determine which point of your history makes the most sense: the first one; the second one; the third one, either confined or the all-knowing, divine point of views; the less all-knowing, yet strong point of views of Freyr, the Nordic weather and fruitfulness gods; "Larry", the intersection guardian from your primary that always made the same jest about you getting a bad note when you crossed the road, except that he once saw an anachronistical iPhone and got puzzled; the cam that I concealed in your room...

Best is Larry, followed by Freyr. Type what you know. You are an authority on the Nordic meteorological and fruitfulness deities? In primary education? This is me, and I sincerely trust that you will be available for the "Larry and Freyr: Larry Patowski, an ingenious guardian of the John F. Kennedy elementary, who is known for his fast, if repeating joke, begins an epistolar friendhip with the Nordic God Freyr.

When Freyr has become a beer-eating Cubs enthusiast and Larry interferes in mythology with the help of a purloined iPhone to demolish the froggiest Surtr during the great Ragnar√łkkr fight, these two memorable personalities will have found a place in your hearts, as sure as Freyr will ride the wild pig Gullinbursti to Baldr's burial!

There are no teardrops for the author, no teardrops for the readers. Send the tape to an A-list filmmaker who will be so excited that he will occupy you in his next tent movie, a $200 million 3D adaption of Larry and Freyr. Urgent publishers to place an ad in Variety to present their career-determining presentation of Freyr.

Back to fiction after having gone through ups and downs that few of us have had. Cut and rip onion ("Larry and Freyr 2: Spring Break in Finland"). Aside from that spelling rulepad.

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