I want to Write a Book where do I begin

I' d like to write a book, where should I start?

" That'?s how I started it. " We want to write a book about our brand. You' ve got to explore your options and the best thing I can do is say: "Get started". They have a story or experience that could help others.

When You Want To Write A Novel But Can't Get Started:

I' d like to compose a secret script - how do I stop hesitating?

Being a writer and psychology expert at Lifelabs, when the issue of how to compose a textbook was asked, I quickly volunteered my answer. and I didn't know where to begin. Many coaches, yoga teachers, therapists and wellness practitioners have a notebook inside and want to publish it.

That is why I want to give my response to all of you. If you want your text to be published, please see below and send me a note. I' ve got the hidden ambitions to compose a novel, how can I stop hesitating? That worked for me when I ceased to hesitate and finally ended up writing my first volume 18 years ago.

There was very little I knew about typing, less about publication, but I had something to say and a wish to part with. When I got the help I needed, I accepted the challenges and left my comfy area. Do the same thing, that's how I started: How is your textbook different?

This I wanted to do with others in order to change something and transform life. You tell them your fantasy is to make a script. You tell everyone so they can back you up. So when I was tired of asking me about my non-existent script, I began to do it. Visualize the final results you want to see.

It was Harper Collins who released my first volume, Opening to Spirit, 18 years ago, and it has transformed innumerable lifetimes around the globe, my included. I' ve traveled all over the continents because I have written my first volume and I still get invitations. It was all because I ceased to hesitate and started to write my first volume.

You just get to work. And I began to type, in fact I actually typed literally: "I don't know how to begin this work, but I want to remain open to the Spirit". That'?s how I got my first job. All of them, the name, the script, the inspirations, just because I began to put the feather on the page.

You just get started on your typing, it' magical, honest. This will inspire you to have great dreams and to see in your mind what your books can make, I am confident that you will talk to everyone about the books you write. Hopefully you will see why your work is important and what it can make a big impact on other people's life.

I hope you're highly motived not to be judgmental, but just to be a writer. Would you like to bring your work into the worid? I' m passionately interested in helping poeple appear in the press, compose their own textbooks and be seen around the globe. Would you like to work with me to create and publish your own work?

If so, please feel free to send me your books from the depths of your soul to the bookshelf at shola@shola.co.uk To write a work of art is part of one' s own disciplines, acting and acting magically. To read a textbook is simply sorcery! It is Shola's mission to help bring your energy and your lives back on course!

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