I want to Write a Book what do I do

I' d like to write a book, what should I do?

I thought you said you were gonna write a book, and you did it. How did you get your ideas for your stories? Everywhere around me, there are ideas for stories. It's not like you can't turn a brilliant first novel upside down in a design. One feels called to write a book, but one does not know where to start.

Seven things you need to create a successful non-fiction book

However, everything did change when one of my articles - 13 Things Mental strong peoples Don't Do--went virally. In a few short get-togethers a woman approached me and proposed that I should publish a work. The next few week I spend writing my suggestion (after researching how to spell one).

Only 13 month after my item became virus, 13 Things Mental strong humans didn't do, went on the market. I am humble and thankful that I had the chance to compose a work. A traditional eCourse opened up many new possibilities for me, from an invitation to presentations at events around the world to the creation of my own eCourse.

And not to speak of the fact that it is a rather strange sensation to see my books on the bookshop shelf! So if you are hoping to end up with a non-fiction contract with a major publishing house, here are seven things you need to be successful: You need a compelling way to get the interest of an editor and an agency.

Editors will want to see what distinguishes your text. It is not enough to have a good concept - you also need evidence that your ideas interest you. With only 100 fans of online publishing and a ten people reading blogs, you will want to expand your platforms to show that they want to listen to your messages.

Teach potential editors that you already have an audiences that want to listen more. Did you study the topic of your text for years? Will you be willing to tell us why you are the best individual to publish and advertise the work? They can' t share their idea directly with most major players - they only accept suggestions from incumbent agencies.

Publishing houses buy works of art on the basis of suggestions, so that it is not necessary to prewrite the whole work. Someone once said to me, "It's the best sellers and not the best authors." If you are lecturing or writing for a larger paper, you need to find ways to draw your book's readers' interest.

When you get a bookstore, take your free moment to party - but don't overcrowd. You will not be able to compose your own script (unless you employ a ghostwriter). Make a clear blueprint of how you want the finalisation of your work. So whether you are writing a little every single or a few daily sessions to concentrate exclusively on your books, make a timetable and a timescale.

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