I want to Write a Book Online

I' d like to write a book online

The Write is a free online editor that reduces the effort of creating eBooks and PDFs for printing. Discover how easy it is to publish your own eBook online. Would you like to write a book? To most people, the answer is yes. You will sit down to write, your brain will be empty, and you will have no idea what to do next.

Do you want to compose a novel? Find out how with this course.

Everyone has a tale to tell, even if they haven't heard it yet. Even better, how can we turn it into something we can release, like a novel or a brief film? To tell a tale, attend this course in Basic Creative Writing Skills for Beginners, which is available for $24 and is about storyline, personality and attitude - and how to become a dedicated author who practises his profession every day.

You may already know how to spell and need to increase your creative power a little. The course also contains cut and self-publication classes if you are sure about your history and want to try to turn it into a movie or something to like. Normally this course in Basic Creative Writing Skills for Beginners would be $200 - but it is now available for only $24, which is a 88% rebate.

Write books: Which are the best web sites to post a work?

Dependent on where you are (since the query is in English, I will reply for the US/UK markets;-) and since your query is ".... post a self-published eBook", I suppose, eBook (with the option to print?): Lulu, Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP, Amazon) - I know (or work with) them and I've been hearing about Bookbaby.

They can also consider Apple (iBooks, but you need a Mac computer) and Google Play (Books) if they are not included in the above list of vendors (or if you get a higher percentage by filing directly to them, a default example is KDP). However, there are many more (serious) eBook deployment pages.

Look out for "publishers" distributors / service providers who demand a high prepayment and do not fairly divide the winnings. When you want to post in another countrie / another languages, you have to be more specialized (e.g. the English linguistic markets are in relation to self-publication with many available tools, e.g. Tolino Media, KDP, BoD,....).

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