I want to Write a Book but have no Ideas

I' d like to write a book, but I have no ideas.

Well, what if you're never obsessed with an idea for a story? You' re going to write, but you think you have nothing to write. Perhaps you are paralyzed by fear or insecurity. Here's how you write when you don't have any ideas. No barriers to writing and publishing indies, my friend.

Which If You're A Novel But Don't Have A Story? When?

So, you want to do a novel, but you don't have a history. This is a Gavin post on my Ask A Questions For My Blog page: I' m half done rereading your book'Fiction for Dummies' and I had the impulse to ask you for your opinion, which I am hoping is a frequent problem for many emerging authors.

I' m supposed to be writing a novel, but I have no plot. Whenever I invent an action in my mind, it doesn't feel stereotype / singular. I opened Snoflake on my computer and opened an MS Office workbook. There may be an awkward issue to be answered, but do you have any hints or methodologies to discuss regarding how to choose which tale they want to tell.

It' not unreasonable, your script and your softwares probably assume that the readers have an action, so the more I walk through the script, the more I don't want to do it. I sometimes have the feeling that there are ideas in the script that would be infinitely simpler if I had already pinned down my plot.

I' m guessing the one-liner here is "You know you want to type, but you don't know what to type about". Also, the history phase seems to be a real upheaval. I' ve already got a lot of basic science in this field, but I'm a little sceptical about the WWII fiction demands of the game.

is that exaggerated all right? Anyway, I certainly do not think these issues require inappropriate free advice, but I have been growing to consider your textbook as my early supervisor, so I felt at ease enough to ask the one. The irony is that this e-mail was of some help to me, but I would really appreciate your understanding.

RANDRY SEZ: Wow, that's a long one, Gavin. Luckily, they both have brief responses. Firstly, there is the issue of authenticity. But what if the history you want to make has already been made? This is the answer: welcome to the world. Each storyline concept has already been made on some plane.

Their trouble is finding a way to make a history that has been made before, in a way that has never been made before. That'?s the trouble every writer has when writing a new novel. If an old storyline has a new personality or a different world of stories or a new sparks that makes it new.

Sometimes the new twist comes only when you' re typing. That is especially the case for authors, but I think it is for all of us. I get most of my own thoughts as I am preparing the first one. Yeah, even though I have the high-level agenda for the work.

Secondly, the one I am quoting: "but you don't know what to put it about." In general, you know what kind of history you want to make, but you don't know exactly what yet. that burns a leak in your head and begs to come out.

There is nothing that is more inspiring to me than to read a new writer or a new style. When you have literature in your veins, one day you will find a novel or an writer and you will say: "Man, I would like to make such a history, only very differently. Well, what if you're never possessed by an episode of a history?

If so, my assumption is that fictional writings are not in your own veins, and it might be best to try something else. there' are many other ways to be lucky in your lifetime than by doing that. Sometime while working on my PhD in physical science in my postgraduate studies, I realised that I would never really be lucky if I didn't have the opportunity to make a certain film.

It is a long history that has stretched over several books and is still not yet completed, but it will be one day. that you weren't made to be a novelist. When that is the case, then there is another thing you can do with your own lives that you will far exceed the fictionalist.

When you are a writer, the only thing you cannot do without is a love of your work. Nothing you spell will be good without love. You can' stop yourself from typing with that. When you have a qestion that I should publicly reply to on this post, go to my page "Ask A Q For My Blog" and ask your qestion.

I' ll reply in the order they come.

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